Security Breach

busted door


I tweeted about it a lot when it happened, mainly because I forgot to bring Pokémon with me, and I was stuck in the new house for almost five hours waiting for the police, and then the detective and forensics units to arrive.  I guess I should blog about it too, as Master is out at a focus group and I’m alone for a bit.  Basically, as you can see from the above picture, we were broken into.

It happened yesterday, and it spooked the crap out of me.  I was showing the Orkin man where the roaches were when we saw them the other day, and he was explaining about where they like to hang out, and all that, when Master yelled that he thought someone had been in our house.  As he walked to the back door, he noticed that the back door had been completely busted open (as you can see, and there were bits of metal and wood everywhere.  I just panicked.  I mean, even though we only had some food in the fridge and nothing of value in the house at all, it’s just scary that our door got completely busted in.  I feel violated, scared, and worried about what will happen when we do have our stuff in there.

They broke into the house, ate the food out of our fridge (they left the broccoli, which was thoughtful), drank some energy drinks, and put out several cigarettes and cigars all over the house.  We don’t have an ash tray but you could see several spots where they put cigarettes out on the floor, walls, on top of the fridge, etc.  They kicked in our dishwasher, and they stomped one of the heat vent intakes on the floor.  They damaged our built-in microwave, and we’re concerned it is going to just fall from where it is so we’re having it replaced and remounted.

The police, detective and forensics guys all told us that this was actually a pretty common occurrence when you have a house that appears abandoned from the outside.  Since we’ve been dealing with roaches, we didn’t bring in curtains or anything because we’re concerned about the roaches laying their eggs on fabric or hiding underneath furniture.  That is the entire reason we switched our move to the end of the month.  We want to make sure all those little buggers are gone.  Problem is, we’re not sleeping in the house right now and from the outside, the house looks empty.  So homeless people and teens like to break into places to sleep for the night, or to smoke crack.  Not exactly the thing you want to hear.  It might be common, but we’ve never had any apartments etc broken into so of course we were terrified.

We went out to the hardware store and bought a security bar for the door in the meantime.  We have a security system on the way, and we had someone out today to give us an estimate to have two security doors installed.  Of course, he won’t be able to install until Sunday, because unfortunately it’s going to rain today and tomorrow, but that’s okay.  There’s nothing else we can do to fix the weather.  We had planned to get blinds up today but it didn’t happen due to the worst traffic in Hell popping up out of nowhere.  Well, I guess not nowhere.  Flash flooding made it take over two hours to get across town, and we’re not going back across town tonight.  We’ll just have to be sure to get it done tomorrow.  We have one appointment super early in the morning, and then we’ll be sprinting across town with our tools and stuff to get some blinds up pronto.  We’re still not bringing in any soft surfaces like curtains, but blinds are pretty easy to clean, anyway.

The neighbors are really nice, but they do have us a bit worried.  They said that they have had their garage broken into three times in the past year.  They weren’t vacant, so yes, that does concern me.  I’m sick and I have to be alone in the house all the time when Master is at work.  He won’t be home this much for a lot longer, most likely.

So yeah.  We’re on top of things today, but yesterday and last night we were both complete wrecks.  Scary shit.


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