Pool Party

pool party


This past weekend there was a BBQ at Master’s boss’ house.  We had thought it was next month (actually, about half of the people on Master’s team did) and we hadn’t bought me anything to wear yet.  I really don’t have a lot of clothes that are “business” friendly.  Not that everything I own shows my tits and ass, but I work from home, so I don’t really need to worry about having “normal” people clothes.  The only work gatherings I was invited to at any of Master’s past work places were the yearly holiday party, and I have plenty of nice dresses for an event like that.  A pool party/BBQ though?  No.  We needed an emergency shopping trip.

We went to a local store, nothing too fancy.  Luckily we’re in the swing of BBQ and pool party season, so there was a lot to choose from.  Master and me picked out a couple things and I went to take them to the dressing room.  I got my number, and went into the room.  While I was in the room, I could hear Master chatting with someone, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying.  I just heard his voice and I thought nothing of it.  Master is chatty and friendly.

I get the first dress on, and show Master, then I get the second dress on and show Master.  He decided he liked the second one on me, and so I went to change out of it.  When I came back to the dressing room woman, she gave me a knowing smile, as she took the one dress away from me that I didn’t want.  I walked away with Master and we headed to the checkout.

“Do you know why that lady was smiling at you?” Master asked me.

“No, but I liked her hair.  It’s like mine, but higher up.”

“Yes, she did have great hair.  When you were in the bathroom, she asked me if you were my ‘wife’ and then when I said ‘yes’ she had to know where you got your collar.”

“Aaahh!  I knew I liked her!”

We got our dress and left.  I always love running into people who are kinky when we aren’t expecting to.  That’s just the best.

The party itself was better than I thought it would be.  I was kind of worried because everyone was calling it a “pool” party, and being in a pool in the middle of the day like that just sounded awful.  I mean, we’re in the middle of a big heat wave here, and with my porcelain skin it’s just best to keep out of the sun.  We sunblocked up before we went though, and it turned out the party was a BBQ, not a pool party.  There were no pools to be seen either, actually, which was fine by me.  Less time in the sun.

We stayed indoors for the first half of the party, mingling with people near the food (because it was hot, and BOO sun), but towards the back half of the party they started up a Cards Against Humanity game.  We were invited to play, and since the sun was dropping we decided to partake.  It was really fun.  The only other time I’ve played was when Gaspar and treasure visited!  I remember not being able to stop laughing during those couple games we played, so I was looking forward to this.  The people we were playing with had a lot of expansion decks too, so it kept things interesting.  We didn’t even run out of cards before the sun went down.

It wasn’t the worst work function I’ve ever been to.  I mean, there were a few awkward bits because I had no idea what anyone was talking about (I don’t think you’re supposed to talk business at these things, but whatev), but overall, it was more pleasant than a family party.  Ha!

We still have no word yet on whether or not Master will be keeping this job, but the contract ends next month so I hope things go well and he does get to keep it.  Fingers crossed!

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