Turtles and Starfish



The new house has a lot of smooth flooring.  As I still have to wear compression stockings every single day, this creates a bit of problem if I’m in a hurry.  Last week I was putting away laundry while Master was outside shoveling, and of course, I slipped and fell flat on my back.  I had a hard time walking for a couple days, and my POTS was out of control, but I’m totally back to normal now, with only minor back twinges (which I really don’t give a damn about.  I’m fine.  Seriously.)

Of course, afraid that I might slip and fall again (and next time, might seriously hurt myself or break a bone or something) Master picked up two packages of anti-slip starfish and turtle stickers.  These are like the kind that go in the bathroom.  Not that they will fix everything, and there’s always a chance I could slip or hurt myself anyway, but they’re kind of cute, no?  They start at the beginning on the bedroom and lead over to the side of the bed I sleep in.  At first I was kind of humiliated and mortified by it but, you know, they’re not so bad.  In fact, just because I’m completely ridiculous I tend to put my foot down completely on each little sticker on my way to bed now as I follow the trail, so I suppose the stickers work.

Kitty: 0

Master: 1

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