Heading out to get Master at the train.

It’s Wednesday, and I just got through spending fifteen minutes lacing up my boots. In all fairness, when I first got these boots it took me twenty minutes to lace them, and my mother would sit there and laugh at me while I did it. Gotta love family. I’m not heading out to school though, I’ll get Master at the train station, and as it turns out, Colorado is the muddiest place. Yeah, I still have the boots I wore back in High School. I tend to take really good care of my things.

Right now, we don’t have a car yet (it’s on my Day Zero list though, and I’m working hard on it!), and when we need to go to the store it’s a two mile walk. Usually we walk it both ways, but tonight we’re taxi-ing it home, since we want to get home at a reasonable hour. My wrist is also hurt and I don’t honestly know if I could carry groceries two miles without risking further injury.

Thinking about myself getting ready to leave and get Master at the train has me thinking about how I used to greet him after work. When we first met, and for a long while afterwards – I would put my orange tigersquash blanket by the door, and kneel there while I waited for him. That was the rule. Always be waiting in sexy lingerie by the door. It made him happy, but it also made me happy. Whenever he came to the door he would be smiling and excited, and I would have a hard time sitting still. ^^

Later, I started meeting him at the bus stop, and walking him home. Then we moved here, and I started meeting him when he got to the bunny path outside the house, and start walking him home. That changed to staying at home, and making sure dinner was ready when he got here, and that’s pretty much where it is at the moment.

I like to cook, and I don’t mind it one bit, but I think I miss sitting on my orange blanket waiting for him. Waiting for him while I kneel makes me feel much more the slave, and cooking for him makes me feel much more like a house wife. I guess in the end I’m both of those things and more. It’s just crazy how things evolve, and continue to evolve. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Heading out to get Master at the train.

  1. If I were ever in a bdsm relationship, sitting by the door waiting for an M to get home has always been a fantasy of mine 😉 …hhmm….even though me and are not in a power dynamic that would be fun to do..hmm…*getting ideas*

    1. Yeah, I love sitting at the door, but I rarely get to do it now, because of other duties. I think most men like you by the door though, even if you're not kneeling. Gives them something good to come home to. =)

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