Sunday January 17, 2010

I don’t have much time now, I’ve got to start making dinner in twelve minutes.  It’s a casserole.   I got pretty lucky with it, I wasn’t sure Master would like it, but I tried it last week.  I think Tuesday.  Anyway, it was so delicious that he asked me to make it again tonight. :))  Most of the time he doesn’t LOVE my new recipes, so this was a real ego boost for me.

Right now, he is resting comfortably on the couch playing some Mass Effect.  He is still really sore, but he has another day before he has to go back to work.  I really hope he will be better by then.

Last night, as I was making dinner I realized that we were nearly out of bread.  Master is still too under the weather to walk anywhere which means I had to go fetch more bread this morning..  Alone.  It’s not so much the leaving the house by myself that is the problem, it’s more that I was nervous because I still feel like I don’t really know this area very well.  So far, we have been here since September, and we haven’t done much exploring.  The closest grocery store is two miles away, but luckily for me, there’s a Panera bread much closer.  I walked down and was back here in less than 45 minutes. 🙂  I was really proud of myself for not getting lost.  I have a tendency to get lost wherever I go, so this was a real achievement for me.  ^^

Over the past couple of days I really got a lot of things done on my day zero project list.  Opportunities to accomplish things keep presenting themselves to me, and I keep getting them done.  Of course, I have a lot of things on there which take much more time to get done – so I’m sure I’ll be slowing down on the list soon.  Right now though I’m at 11% done, with 987 days left.  I got some pictures, and I’ll do a more thorough update about it soon.  I don’t tend to have a lot of time on the weekends to be online, since Master is home.

Time to go make dinner!


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