Cool! :)

I was responding to some mail on youtube, when I noticed that my video on “How a kittygirl opens her christmas presents” was posted on 🙂  I just thought that was cool.

Let’s see.  Master is feeling a bit better today, he’s still resting on the couch for the most part though, and I am hoping he will be OK for work tomorrow.  He really can’t call in, so I hope he can at least make it in without much pain.

I’m still working on getting things done while he rests.  Yesterday I spent some time trying to walk in stilettos, which is a goal of mine on my Day Zero Project list.  I’m not really there yet, but I am a lot less wobbly.  Damn.  Some women can walk to work, and even wear these kinds of shoes to the grocery store.  I have a lot to learn.



2 thoughts on “Cool! :)

  1. I can run in stiletto pumps 🙂 and walk in most types of heals, so long as the floor isn't slippery lol

    and the kittygirl present video is fucking adorable!! 😀 I loved it!

    1. OOh! Jealous! Hey, do you have any advice? I've been spending as long as I can stand in them a day, and so far it isn't very long. Usually ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and I'm still a bit wobbly. lol.

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