Why is it always so hard to wake up on Mondays?  Wait..  it’s not Monday.  Why is it so hard to wake up the first day of the work week?  lol.  I slept horribly last night, and had a hard time rolling out of bed this morning.

Master went to work this morning.  Whew!  I’m so glad he wasn’t in too much pain.  He sent me a couple tweets from work, and I guess he is doing okay.

I’m sort of typing this in between chats. I’m online now, and I’ve got about another hour and a half to my day.  I’m searching online for the perfect Valentine’s day present for Master.  I know a lot of people hate V-day.  Honestly, I’m sick of people pissing all over my Valentine’s parade.  Last year, at the very mention of Valentine’s day, 90% of people I know just told me how retarded I was for celebrating it.  Yes, I get that it is a consumer holiday.  I get that the only real reason it is a holiday is to make money..  But, being a dick when anyone wants to enjoy one day out of the year isn’t going to make Valentine’s day up and disappear.

Valentine’s day isn’t just a Hallmark holiday for Master and me.  It is the day we met.  We had been talking online a long time before that, but since we were both going to be alone on V-day, we decided to get together.  We’re celebrating more than just Cupid and chocolate candies..  We’re celebrating an anniversary.  I’m not putting up with people raining on my parade this year.  If you don’t like Valentine’s day, you can keep it to yourself, or kiss my ass. 😉

Anyway, Master doesn’t normally get a big present on V-day.  We both kind of consider it a girl’s holiday.  His holiday is exactly one month later, on steak and blowjob day. ^^  Still, since it’s an anniversary for us, I usually give him something, and this year it’s going to be awesome.  I know just what I want to get him, it’s just a matter of tracking down the exact right thing, and ordering it in time.

I sooo can’t wait.  I live for cheesy moments like this.  It’s not just an anniversary this year..  It’s the first V-day celebration in Colorado. Our new home.


5 thoughts on “1-19-2010

  1. Aww, I love V-day too! I love all of the pink and red decor, and all of the sweet stuffed animals everywhere! Even when I have been single, I loved Valentine's day for all of the general love and romance there was. It's just so sweet. Having it be your anniversary must make it so much more special! I hope you find the perfect present for your Master. Boys aren't easy to shop for like we are!

  2. *giggles* Me and D don't celebrate any holiday. 😛 I do enjoy the girlie-ness of V-day tho! 😉 D hates Vday, and I think I just might have to pull him into the Valentine's aisle in WalMart just to watch him squirm *evil giggle* 😉

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