Alright, so last night Master and me were talking about the dentist.  Like I mentioned in my last post – it is something that I need to get done one way or the other.  Since I seem to have such a hard time with any kind of medication they give me, Master usually comes to the appointment to escort me home.  He doesn’t want to give up an entire day of work and take a vacation day three or four times for me to have this work done though, so he is going to try to get out of work an hour early and go into work an hour early.  I guess a lot of people at his company do that.

We were talking about the three dentists nearest to us, and we picked one last night.  He is going to see what day works for him, and then call and make the appointment.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get in next week for the initial cleaning and x-rays.  We’ll see.

Damn, I’m scared as hell.  The sooner I get it done the sooner I won’t have to worry about it though.

Last night Master asked me to show him how my progress was coming along with my stilettos. 🙂  I can stand completely still with no problem, and I’m getting better at walking across the room.  Still, I’m kind of sloppy – so I have some more work to do.  I decided that the final test of whether or not I can walk in them will be whether or not I can make it to the mailbox and back wearing them.  I have to appear to the outside observer as though I am wearing flats.  I doubt my heels will show under my jeans anyway.  I know it’s going to take time to get there, but it’s not a rush.  Sometimes I feel so silly for needing to practice things like this.  Don’t you ladies out there just instinctively know how to wear heels, and put on eye liner?  lol.  ‘Cause dammit, I missed the memo.


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