A funny thing happened today.

I was online in my video chat room, and someone entered my free text chat.  I don’t normally spend much time paying attention to text chat, but I was in between shows, so I figured:  why not?  Well, the person who I was chatting with said they were a host on the site, and they had been a host since October.  She told me her host name (which I’ll keep a secret, in case she doesn’t want me to post it!)  I looked it up.  Turns out, she is in the Hall Of Fame.  Hall Of Fame is where the top 120 hosts go every pay period.  I had to laugh.  She said that I inspired her to be a video chat host.

Wow.  A lot of people inspire leaders, greatness, organizations.

Not me.  Nope.  I’m happy to inspire porn stars.

Rock on world.  Rock on.


7 thoughts on “A funny thing happened today.

  1. Aww, I think this is cute! I love how much the internet can bring people together. Is it weird to you, how just your average life has been so interesting to all of us strangers? I know when I found your vlog all those months ago, it helped me through some tough points in our relationship. Your devotion to your Master was so clear and beautiful, and so freeing, you know? And you just seemed to have such an accepting attitude and big heart, while still being strong. I don’t know, it just made me look up to you. So, I am not surprised at all that I’m not the only one!

    1. Wow, thanks Shii. 🙂 To be honest, I guess I never really think about how my life has been so interesting to everyone who watches my vlogs. I keep thinking that no one wants to see the vlog-gy bits and mainly watches for the keyholes. I guess I don’t do that many of thoes though. I dunno. I just feel increadibly flattered and touched each and every time I recieve an email from anyone telling me that my videos helped them in some way. ^^ I never thought that sharing my life via videos was going to help anyone. I figured, best case sinerio I would meet some new people. I have made so many amazing friends on youtube, and I hope to make many more. Now, if I could only get my video camera to take videos again. *laughs*

  2. Well dear,

    you are quite inspireing, after all you inspired me to make a try with my own Etsy Shop, and i just hit on some new ideas for that today, HEHE

    *HUGS* also thanks for chatting with me on 3-mail, your words there helped today. (As did the dozzen Roses my Wolf got for me today)

    *HUGS again.


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