WEEKEND! Lol. ^^

Oh yay, I’m SO glad it is here at last.  lol.  Right now, I’m waiting for Master to call so I can rush out and meet him once he gets on the train.  Just getting groceries tonight, but tomorrow is lingerie shopping.

Oh man, I can’t wait.  This morning I placed a pretty big order with sockdreams.com, and tomorrow is a Victoria’s Secret run.  I’ve put aside money for this for so long, but we keep getting forced to push things off for one reason or another.  On the one hand, buying lingerie is a work expense that I can take off my taxes, but on the other hand, I’ve just been throwing lingerie out left and right – probably about one or two items a week because they are all getting too big.  No complaints here, but I can’t wait to replenish the supply.

Of course, I can’t wait to actually use the lingerie.  lol.  Master isn’t allowed to have sex until this coming monday because of his surgery.  Heh.  Maybe I’ll just make sure to wear it around him a lot this weekend and do a sexy dance whenever possible.  lol.  I can’t help myself.  I’m mischievous. 😉

I’m getting MUCH better at walking in those crazy high shoes now!  I feel pretty comfortable in them, and now I just kinda feel like my foot is coming out of the shoe whenever I try to take a step.  Maybe I shoulda got a size smaller or something.  Either way, I don’t usually buy shoes that are missing an ankle strap.  These shoes I’m practicing with?  They’re all wrong for me in so many ways.  They’re these shoes.  I bought them a couple years ago, and at the time, the shoe angle was pretty ambiguous and I didn’t realize they were pointy toed.  Pointy toed shoes are a fashion pet peeve of mine.  lol.  I just don’t “get” them.  Thing is, toes aren’t supposed to look “pointy”  so when I see them, I just think they look incredibly silly.  I just personally don’t like the look, and don’t find it to be flattering.  ‘S all. ^^ I’m more of a round toe kinda gal.  Square toe if it’s all I can find.

Master still hasn’t recieved a call back from the dentist.  He called them again today, and nothing.  Hmm.  Maybe the world is trying to tell me that I should hold off.  lol.  I wish.



4 thoughts on “WEEKEND! Lol. ^^

  1. Yay for sexy lingerie!!! 😀 I can’t wait to buy some new stuff to wear for D. I wish I could wear victoria’s secret, but I’m not small enough yet. Some day I will! But for now, I can still find stuff that’s sexy, and there’s plenty I can review as well (and thus not have to pay for teehee… 😉 )

    And yea, those shoes are cute, but there not any I’d normally buy either. Don’t look like they’re pointy toe on the site either.. huh. Weird. I also don’t like pointy toe either.

    *hugs* Time to go make D some banana ice cream 🙂 mew mew

    1. Mmm, I love banana ice cream. 🙂 I’ll be over in ten minutes. (Wish! lol)

      Omg, else who doesn’t like pointy toes. lol. I guess I just don’t *get* them. What is flattering about making your foot look like a triangle? I’ll probably never wear *these* shoes outside of the house except for my test to get to the mail box and back. Then, I’ll by some stilettos I LOVE! 🙂 And hopefully, some fetish ballet shoes too. Nom. Nom.

      I love that nightie you reviewed a little bit ago. 🙂 Secretly, I go back and look at the pictures every few days. lol. You just look so delectable in it. ^^!

      1. *giggles and blushes* thankees

        I love that one too! As does D 😀 I lost the stockings I like wearing with it, so I need to find some new ones. (We accidentally put them in the washing machine… whoops lol)

        but for the shoes… yea!!! They are just so… pointy LOL I guess if I wanted to wear shoes that could be doubled as weapons I’d get a pair of Bond shoes with the blade in the toe lol 😉

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