New Blankie! ^^



Okay, so it is supposed to be for my work room, but since that’s not totally set up yet, I’m snuggling it now.  It’s sooooo warm and snuggly.  Even Biggle Piggle Kitty likes it! ^@^  Oh, have I not introduced my piggies yet?  lol.  Well, basically I have two plush pigs which I take with me most everywhere.  Biggle Piggle is pretty big so she only goes away with me on trips and stuff.  Apple pig (top right of this picture) is smaller, and I bring him in my backpack to a lot of places.  If I go to a movie?  Yep, Apple Pig is there.  If I go to the dentist?  Yep.  Apple Pig.  I don’t always take him out of the backpack, but he comes with me for sure.

Anyway, don’t mind the BIG ass pile of laundry behind me in this picture.  I had just taken it out of the dryer and put a new load in before taking this picture.  And, I forgot that it was right behind me.  It’s gone now though, I swear. ;))

Yesterday was pretty productive for us!  We managed to find a futon we really really like, and it is being shipped to us right now.  Hopefully it will be here by friday.  We managed to cross a bunch more things off the furniture shopping list, and I even totally reorganized the kitchen.

Then I fell fast asleep for a good thirty minutes in the afternoon while Master went to the gym.  *lol*  Geeze, I can’t remember the last time I needed a nap.  Today we have to walk four miles to and from the store because we forgot bread.  Urgh.  It’s not the four miles, I don’t mind walking them so much…  I think it is just the simple act of having to walk that far for a $2.50 item.  Lame.  Times like this I really look forward to getting that car.  Lol.  Patience, patience.  This is the first time in a long time we’ve even been able to save for it anyway.  So, I know it is coming.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do our taxes next week (That is when Master is expecting the rest of his W2s) and we’re expecting a BIG return this year because we relocated for work.  *crosses fingers for a car sooner than we think.*

Mew mew mew!  Oh, and here’s another picture of Samantha.  Yesterday when we got home from the store we finally got a picture of her on my shoulder.  Usually when Master or me comes home, she jumps on his or my shoulders and hangs around up there for a while.  We like to joke that she is a parrot, not a cat.  lol.  She’s so cute though.  What better way to get welcomed home?

Samantha, the Parrot!

10 thoughts on “New Blankie! ^^

  1. Aww Samantha is so cute!! 😀

    And I LOOOOVE the blanket!!! D hates Hello Kitty so I'd SO LOVE to chase him around with something like that just to make him shudder *evil giggle*

    I'm so glad everything is coming together for you guys!! 🙂

    Ohh and WOOT for a big return!! I totally got fucked over by that earned income credit thing >.> literally cut my return in half.

  2. *Fingers crossed for a big return* I actually just mailed in my final car payment last week. Got a 3 year loan but managed to pay it off after only about 20 months. Its gooing to be so great to have that extra money in my bank account now. Unfortunately for Feburuary part of its going to my power bill for January. Ended up with a $400 bill 😛 Damn cold, I am so ready for spring!

    1. Damn! $400?! That is insane. Here is hoping it warms up where you are soon. :)) Where I am, they have a set payment plan you can go on in the winter, so even if you spend more than your bill, you always pay the same amount. We do that every winter. At the end of the season, they tack on a small amount extra each month till you pay your bill off if you went over, and you get a credit if you went under. Love it.

    2. Good lord a $400?? You must have gas heat or something…that's insane!! We have a similar thing we can do with the same payments through winter. My mom does that. Me and D are uber lucky though; we have hot water heat, so we don't have to pay it. It's just part of our rent every month 🙂 All we pay is about $30/month for electricity 🙂

  3. Yeah, its been really cold this past month so the heat has been running not stop. We didn't realzie how much we'd been using power. This month, we are really going to try and cut back. But, at least I don't have a car payment anymore 🙂

  4. What a cute blanket. 🙂
    Yay for purse stuffies.
    Good luck with all the organizing. I've enjoyed reading about it.

    I can't reach our top shelves either and my Master doesn't trust me on a step stool. You're lucky!

    1. Lol! What does he think you're going to do with the step stool that he doesn't trust you? Master is happy he got me one, I bother him to reach things less. 😉

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