Those silly Masters

Last night, Master and me were playing.  He told me to kneel in front of him, and I got up to obey.  Before I kneeled down, he said “Oh wait!  Here’s a pillow so you don’t hurt your knees.”

I totally laughed, and threw the pillow behind me.  I never ever complain that I don’t like kneeling because it hurts, or because I’m bruised or anything like that, so I thought it was funny as hell that he tried to give me a pillow.  I like kneeling.  I like having bruised knees the next day if I’ve been down there a long time.  I like having abrasions, burns, welts, blood dots, rug burns, cuts, etc, etc, etc.  We both will often dreamily chat about it later as “something to remember the scene by..”

After being with Master for nearly six years, and never having him offer me a pillow, I had to laugh.  Sometimes things like that just hit one of the other of you out of left field, and they feel so out of place.  I love funny weird totally “Where the hell did that come from?” moments.  lol

Gotta love those silly Masters.  ^^

7 thoughts on “Those silly Masters

  1. Damn girl, I'm a wimp compared to you 😉 Now me, I hate kneeling! When I'm doing yoga (New Year's Resolution) and it calls for a kneeling postion I'm like, "Come on, Come on, get to the next move already!" Even at Mass, when we kneel on the plush kneelers, I usually have my butt resting on the bench so I don't have all my weight on my knees 😛

    1. lol @ Lostmaverick. Awe, even with the plush kneelers? I think that is adorable. ^^ I guess most men don't want you to call them adorable though. 😉

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