How a Kitty Girl helps her Master cook

You know how yesterday I was so excited to get back to work?  Yeah?  Well, once I sat down to work, after getting my lingerie on etc, turns out flash wasn’t installed and I couldn’t open my chat room.  I tried to install it myself, but it just wasn’t working properly for some reason.  Argh!  So, I didn’t work yesterday, but when Master got home, he fixed it and we made doubly sure that I would be able to get online today.  He apologized, because it was his fault.  He had rebuilt my computer from scratch last week, and forgot to install flash and Adobe something or other.  See how computer literate I am?  I really don’t know much about computers.  I can run my cam, an internet browser, crop photos, and that’s probably it.  lol. 🙂  What would I do if Master Pravus wasn’t such a big geek?  I’m so hopeless.  Plus, geeks are hot.

So, yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing until Master got home.  There weren’t many chores to do because I’ve kept up with things, and I was basically just trying to pass the time.  He got home, and we watched Stargate while we ate dinner.  Then, he fixed my computer while I did dishes.    After that, I sat down with my Sudoku book while Master was looking over the tax forms.

After a few minutes, he told me to get my tigersquash and my red ball gag, and kneel on the floor by the kitchen.  I did so, and he blindfolded me while I knelt there.  I could hear him doing things in the room, and I could smell COOKIES! ^^  By the time he told me I could have one though it was nearly bedtime, and I didn’t want a cookie that late.  OOh, I soo can’t wait to taste one later today though.  Nom.

Master called the doctor yesterday so I could have a follow up appointment.  I’m going to go tomorrow at four, so wish me luck!  I really hope there’s some way to try to prevent these cysts from happening in the future.  Mew!  Talk to you guys later.

Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew.  =^^=

2 thoughts on “How a Kitty Girl helps her Master cook

  1. yay for cookies and blankes and workin' kitties! 😉

    Silly Mac for forgetting flash lol At least it's working now! 😀

    I hope your doc appointment goes okay *huggles*

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