This morning I’m sitting around waiting for a package to be delivered.  No work until it gets here.  Don’t worry though, I’m working late tonight since Master won’t be home until late because he has to go out to a dinner meeting.  Boo.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand it, I do!  I want him to work if he needs to, it’s just hard to have to eat dinner alone.  I dunno, cooking for one, eating in silence.  Hell, I hate eating breakfast and lunch alone.  I don’t mean to complain though, like I said, I understand it.  It’s just hard.  Definitely makes the day feel longer anyway.  Plus, I can’t help but be a little jealous that he gets to go out to eat.  ^^

Yesterday I felt kind of like I failed when Master and me were playing.  If you ask him he will tell you I did a good job.  I’ve always held myself to high standards, (In all things, I don’t mean BDSM in general) and I just didn’t like how screamy, and squirmy I was.  I’m pretty good at sitting still and being quiet if I am told to.  I guess I’ll just have to try harder next time.  lol.  Not that you can always be good and get things done right, but it nags at me.

So I’m waiting around here for that trampoline we ordered last week, and I think it’ll be fun.  Sometimes I just feel trapped and bored in this house all day.  That’s why I go to lengths to buy what I consider to be “toys” to keep around in my bedroom.  There’s two bedrooms in this apartment, and we’ve been using the smaller one as my work room, but I’ve been decorating it, and sort of making it into my own little sanctuary. 

If you went in there, you’d think two things immediately:  1- That I’m a gym rat, and 2- That I’m a kinky fucker.  lol!  There’s so many sex toys, whips, restraints, etc strewn about the room.  But then there’s also a ton of dumbbells, ankle and wrist weights, yoga mat, balance ball, etc etc etc.  I guess when your average person gets bored they turn to other things: TV, video games, food, naps…  I’m more likely to do some yoga, or bust out the free weights.  I think of it as “play time” and it’s fun to me.  Can’t wait for my newest “toy”. ^^

Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew! =^.^=

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8 thoughts on “2-10-2010

  1. Aww! I hope there's a kitty trying out the trampoline vlog 😉

    I'm sorry your Master has been working so much. I get lonely here too sometimes. And then when Dragon does get home, it's like there is time for dinner and a little bit of "us time" before we have to go to bed. But, at least he works so hard to make your life together better (though I know you already recognize that.) Just keep thinking about this weekend and how much fun you'll get to have! 😀

  2. I tend to be asleep when Master is awake and vice versa. So, I functionally spend lots of time alone including meals. It's hard. I don't eat well when it is just me and that's one of my 'tasks'.

    A question if you don't mind… I think I noticed on YouTube that you knit or crochet. I'm looking for good cat ear hat or headband pattern. Do you have a favorite? (I'm WackyLisa on Ravelry if you're there.)

    1. Hi again! ^^

      Yes, I do crochet, but wanna know something funny? I have NO IDEA how to follow a pattern! lol. My mom taught be a few stitches when I was younger, and I just sort of make up patterns as I go. 🙂

  3. Mew Mew yea, I totally had a "fail" tonight myself. And while sometimes no matter how much we want it, our bodies just do what they will. While I'm not in an M/s relationship now, I had sort of promised one thing, and was so totally unable to deliver..*sighs*

    WOOT WOOT for the trampoline! 😀 I so want one of my own!!

    1. Awe! *huggles* I'm sure whatever you tried to deliver, you could try again and rock it. 🙂

      Yeah, the trampoline is hella fun. You can tell I like it, because I never say "hella" lol! ^^

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