Step one, collect underpants…

“Wait.  What’s for phase two?”

“Step one, collect underpants.”

“Yeah, phase one, underpants..  What’s phase two?!”

**Blank stare**

Lol!  Now that I’ve gotten a South Park reference out of the way..   Good morning!  I’m feeling pretty great today, and I’m looking forward to our weekend.  Yesterday, our tax refund from Massachusetts came in.  Master decided that whichever state refund came in first, we were going to split it in half and use it for some “treat” money.  Guess where I’m taking my share?  Yeah..  Lingerie shopping again.  Well..  The more lingerie the better right? 

Phase one, collect underpants. :)) lol.  I think we might wander the mall a smidge and see if there’s anything else we wanna peek at.  Master’s not spending his share at VS anyway.  lol.  I think I might go looking for a pair of pants.  I only have one pair, and it’s about a half size too big.  Kinda lame, but I didn’t really have much spending money until we moved here.  Now I’m trying to totally catch up my wardrobe.

After we hit the mall (which I kind of dread only because it is Friday night, and there’s not much in this town, so I’m betting the mall will be crowded as fuck), we’re going to go grocery shopping.  Tomorrow we have to get the rest of the shopping done, and then go to the yarn store so we can get my mom a birthday present.  Her birthday is the 24th, and I am planning on getting her a TON of yarn. 🙂  She crochets, and has been complaining about having no yarn around.  Super Kitty to the rescue! ^^

Sunday is Valentine’s Day!  The day Master and me met in person for the first time!  Yay! ^^  We’re celebrating by going to Watercourse Foods, and I’m so excited.  It’s just so tasty and awesome.  Rock on.  Rock on.  I’m just so excited for what is coming UP, and I’m just waiting for this day to end, honestly.  It’s going to be one of those “Stare at the clock days”  I know it. 🙂

Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew!

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7 thoughts on “Step one, collect underpants…

  1. Step three: Profit.

    You like Southpark too?! Geez, I like you more every day!

    I hope you had fun shopping and got some good pieces. And the present for your mom is such a sweet idea!

    1. Hey Shii. It should be a crime to not like South Park. Just teasing. 😉 Yeah, we had a ton of fun, and got some new stuff. I feel totally spoiled. ^^

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