Fail, fail, fail, fail.. Picture fail! ^^

A really cute picture of Apple Pig on the train. :@)

Yeah, I’ve got a couple more pictures from V-day to share.  Somehow I had sort of lost my camera and couldn’t find it until this morning.  Lame.  All the pictures I posted the other day were from Master’s Flickr.

Ok, I don’t normally take a picture of my legs, but these stockings were AWESOME! 🙂 Master bought them for me the day before, so you know I had to wear them on V-day. ^^

 And that’s really all I have to say today.  I dunno, yesterday was kind of dull..  Tonight we’re going to the grocery store to get me some more veggies.  Hmmm…  Ooh!  Our federal and state taxes were FINALLY accepted, which means we are going car shopping next week! 🙂  (They say our refund is due next Friday, and we’re both sooo excited for the car we will probably go out immediately. ;)) lol.

And.. A terribly cute picture of Master on the train. ^^

Hope you guys all have a great day.  Mew mew mew.

13 thoughts on “Fail, fail, fail, fail.. Picture fail! ^^

  1. *wolf whistle* Love the stockings 🙂
    Ya’ll know what kind of car you want to get. I’m a Ford man myself; not too flashy, but damned reliable. Ford Focus or Fusion is a good way to go 🙂

    1. Thankee. 🙂 Honestly, I don't really know what kind of car I want. I think Master is looking at Kias, but I dunno. My first car ever was a Ford station wagon. It was a cute little white car which I was in love with. It was just sooo perfect. 🙂 I loved being able to maneuver it into any spot I wanted. lol. I was sad when it died.

      Right now, I'm visualizing a little blue-grey mousie type of car. lol. We'll see where that leads me. ^^

  2. Ooh, I love those stockings! Pink/rainbow leopard is my FAVORITE!

    I'm so glad you can get a car now! Then it can snow all it wants since you don't have to walk in it 🙂

    1. Lol, YES! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how badly I want and need and am excited to get a car. :)) And we got the stockings at DSW, I dunno if there's one near you, but they had a few other kinds too, I think. 🙂

  3. Those stockings are amazing. No wonder you were determined to wear a mini skirt.
    I hope car shopping isn’t too painful. (I hate doing it not that I drive.)
    Letting the delivery people at King Soopers pick out veggies when I lived in CO was scary. Never bad but just… not always what I would have gotten. So being able to do big shops even in the snow sounds delightful. I can’t imagine that it has gotten easier to get a cab there.

    1. We tried King Soupers, and were SO disappointed. The veggies were allways sub-par (IE, looked like they came out of the bottom of the pile), AND they forgot a bag once and wouldn’t credit us for the items we paid for that they didn’t bring. Lame. So now we just trek in the snow. Not that I mind *really* but it would be nice to not have to walk 2 miles for *one* loaf of bread if we forget something.

      1. *nods* Yeah, I can't remember how far it was to the closest store when I lived in CO but the delivery fee was about the same as cab fare. Sounds like they haven't improved the program one bit.
        Woo for cars and the options they provide.

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