February 20, 2010

Happy Freaking Saturday!  🙂  I got a chance to sleep in a little, and guess when I woke up?  7:30AM.  Nice.  Lol.  Ah, well.  It doesn’t look like this insomnia stuff is going to go away, so maybe I should look at it in a more positive note.  Maybe I’ll get more shit done.  I used to work nights..  Maybe I’ll work an hour or two after Master goes to bed, if I really, really can’t sleep.  Oh geeze, ramble monster!

Anyway, last night we decided to just order some pizza.  It was OK, but I think I like the kind we make at home better.  Still, at least there were no new dishes.  I spent some time in the afternoon and got the laundry and dishes caught up, so I feel like a little bit less of a failure.  We’re still both kind of frazzled, but we need to walk to the grocery store and back today (About four miles).  We can do it!  lol.  Normally, we don’t bat an eyelash at it, we both like walking and it’s not a problem.  It’s just this whole under the weather thing getting to us.

We’re going to spend the remainder of the weekend in the house snogging and doing probably nothing exciting.  Although, we do have some new wax play candles, and some new bondage tape to break in. 🙂  Speaking of new toys, I got a new anal toy – I still need to name it before I can fuck it.  I’m weird like that.  lol.

Here’s hoping we all have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “February 20, 2010

  1. The new toy should me named Bubba! Nice name from something that’s going to be in the ass alot… Or at least that’s my thought of it. I always said that as soon as I get old enough for butt exams, I was going to call my doctor Bubba.

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