22 February 2010

So, this morning, I woke up and Master was still in bed with me, and it was after 7AM.  He rolled over, and told me he called in sick.  What?  I knew he was under the weather, and we talked about how he might call in last night, but I was still surprised.  I guess I thought he was feeling better.  Not 100%, but better.

Yesterday we mainly lounged around and didn’t do much.  We watched a couple movies, and played some video games.  At some point, I found my hands and feet tied with (AFF) bondage tape, and I was in the tub. 🙂  I love playing in the tub.  It’s so big and spacious, and wet, and fun.  lol. 🙂

I’m going to let Master sleep until the Dr.’s office opens, then I’m going to wake him up and ask him if he wants me to call and take him to be seen today.  I’m kind of worried.  He doesn’t normally call in, so I don’t think he is feeling too awesome right now.  Last night I made him ramen noodles the way he likes it:  I dropped an egg in when it was boiling, and then drained out all the broth.  I thought it might cheer him up a bit.  He seemed to like it.  I served it for him in his favorite noodle bowl, with his favorite pair of chopsticks.

Yesterday, on our way out to get Master some cold medicine, we noticed a flyer up for a perfectly good Philips 28″ TV.  We called the number, and they only wanted $40 for it, so we now have a TV for my work room.  Sweet. :))

Well, Master just got up, so I’m going to go see how he is.


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