25 February, 2010

It’s my Ma’s birthday today!  Happy Birthday Ma!  Yeah, she doesn’t read this blog, but it’s the thought and energy that counts, right?  I sent her a present last week, and she got it Friday (the mail is so unpredictable around here, I wanted to make sure she got it in time).  I sent her ten skeins of her favorite brand of yarn, and some candy and a little plushie.  She was really, really happy.

Last night when Master came home, he had some papers showing me what kind of car we’re trying to get.  We both have sort of been projecting this “little blue mouse car” and I am loving the one he picked out.  Of course, we’re waiting to see if the financing will go through (cross your fingers for us, please!!) and if it does, we could be in a car sooner than we think. Omg, omg omg.  I am super excited about it.  I just hope it works out. 🙂

Last night Master and me spent some time just relaxing.  We watched The Empire Strikes Back, and I have to say, I’m actually starting to enjoy Star Wars!  lol.  I don’t think it is AMAZING, but I am finding it an enjoyable ride.  So please, no spoilers!  We’re going to watch the last movie tonight.  Here is hoping I like it too.

Mew mew mew.

9 thoughts on “25 February, 2010

  1. Empire is the best of the Star Wars movies. RotJ would have been good too if not for the Ewooks (Lucas has a thing for annoying creatures LOL). Just pray your Master never finds a copy of the Star Wars Christmas; even you would find it torturous 😉

  2. OMG, you have no idea. Carrie Fisher was actually visibly stoned throughout the whole thing. Not surprising, there couldn’t have been many other ways to cope with what past for a plot on that special.

    If your feeling masochistic, go to http://www.thatguywiththeglasses.com and look under the video reviews for the Nostalgia Critic (he reviewed it last Christmas). He’s one of my favorite vloggers, making any bad movie fun to sit through with his reviews, but even he could barely help me sit through it 😛

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    At 11:11 I'm going to spend my nightly wish that you two will get the financing to go through! Lets hope the wish fairies like me today 😉 Really though, a little blue mouse car sounds too cute, so I really hope you get it!

    I hadn't seen the Star Wars movies until about a year ago, and no one believed me! I am glad to know I wasn't the only one. I just didn't have anyone to introduce me to it, as I was the nerd of the family 🙂 I liked it! I'm no fanboy, but I can see why it was so popular. At least you have it out of the way, and no one can say you didn't give it a try! 😀 Yay!

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