Dinosaur Ridge and Dental fun! :D

Master was upset that I didn’t post the pictures from Dinosaur Ridge yet, until he realized that I had no internet at all yesterday.  So, without further Ado.

Master in Betty, typing directions into Sumomo (Our GPS!)
I love this picture Master took of me. I look WAY taller than 5’2.25 inches, don’t I? My ears are under the hood. It was COLD out there. 🙂
The dinosaur had it coming! 🙂

And now..  On to my super awesome dentist trip!  So, as you know, I was kind of worried about going to the dentist.  Reason being, the last dentist I went to see told me that I must have had high blood pressure (which I don’t) that I didn’t disclose to her, and that there was no reason why the medicine should have reacted the way it did with a perfectly healthy person.  I was sick for hours after going to the dentist that time, and I was terrified that it might happen again.  Anyway, that’s the short version.

This new dentist was so awesome, I cannot even tell you.  First of all, the dental hygenist I saw (who spent about an hour and a half with me, doing various things to my teeth), was incredibly kind, and went out of her way several times to make sure I was comfortable.  Not only that, but neither she nor anyone else in the office made me feel bad or guilty about being away from a dentist for so long, or about letting my cavities go.

They did a lot of tests which I had never had done, like testing my jaw and neck muscles. And actually, scraping plaque off my teeth.  I’ve never had anyone scrape my teeth.  Master couldn’t believe me when I told him.  The actual dentist was very kind, and took the time to explain to me what was wrong with each of my teeth that need fixing, answered all of my questions, and helped me understand what we needed to do to my teeth and why.

He also explained that the reason why I got sick when I had been to the dentist last was because what is in Novocaine.  It actually contains an additional medication which helps constrict the blood vessels.  The reason why they put this in there, is so that the medicine will last longer.  However, some people can experience heart racing and dizziness, etc with this medication.  I’m so glad he didn’t blame me for something that I couldn’t control.  He says he can give me some medication which would not have that, and they can try it a little bit at a time to make sure that I tolerate it.

I was just blown away with the care and attention I received.  Despite being in the chair for two hours and being the last appointment of the day they weren’t rushed, tired or moody.  Not in the slightest!  They were all just really really nice, and they seemed to truly love the work that they do.

Unfortunately, my wisdom teeth are going to have to come out.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, but the plan is to fill in all the cavities first.  The other thing is, I don’t need to have a cap put on one of my teeth after all!  My new dentist thinks that while it is a big cavity, it isn’t too bad yet, and he’s going to just fill it in.  I have an appointment to have three cavities filled in on the fifteenth, because Master already has that day off.  So if he comes with me and the medicine is fine, then I can just go alone to get the other teeth filled in.  I’m going to need him to come with me when I have my wisdom teeth out though.

So yeah, while I didn’t have fun at the dentist, I did appreciate everything and everyone who helped me, and I feel confident and happy knowing that my new dentist is willing to work with me and seems extremely knowledgeable. 🙂  Yay.

Woot woot!

10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Ridge and Dental fun! :D

    1. Lol true! Let's hope the 15th goes just as good. I'm optimistic, but cautiously so, since this last dental visit didn't involve any kind of drugs. Whew.

  1. The dino park looks fun.
    No internet for an entire day? what did you do?
    It sounds like you found a great dentist.
    BTW our xbox arrived today 🙂 Master is hooking it up. Our good network cable should show up tomorrow.

    1. I did lots of chores, and played a little beautiful katamari (You don't need an internet connection to play it! 🙂 Oh, congrats on getting your xbox. When you get a gamertag, let me know yours, and I'll add ya as a friend. :))

  2. I'm super glad you had a pleasant experience at the dentist! 😀 I go on the 19th to get more cavities filled *pout* lol But I'm not as scared as I was before now that I've had one done.

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