Fisting.  Now that I have your attention, I’ll talk about fisting later in this post.

Since getting Bettie Master has been taking the car to work in the daytime, and getting home a lot faster then before.  This has given us an oppertunity to go for our daily jog together.  I for one, have really been loving this.  It’s just much more fun with Master there for company.  Before, I would do my workout first thing when I got up, and he would walk to and from work (eight miles a day).  We were both pretty satisfied with this, but his getting home about an hour later than he does now didn’t leave much time for anything really.  Plus, by the time he got home I was dying of hunger, because my belly wanted to eat an hour earlier.

Anyway, last night we were out for our jog/speed walk (I switch it up, because I can’t jog for a full hour yet) and we kept finding ourselves holding hands.  Then we’d look at each other and one of us would remind each other that we should be pumping our arms instead of holding hands.  I just think it is adorable that we can’t seem to keep our hands apart.


I’ve always been fascinated with fisting.  The feeling of getting someone else’s hand completely inside my vagina is just so erotic to me.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I keep hoping and wanting and dying for it to.  The other night, Master decided he wanted to practise again, and I get to about three fingers usually before I just cum too hard, and it’s all over.

A lot of people have told me that your can’t be fisted if you’re too tight, or if your partner’s hands are too large.  I’ve also read a book on the subject which says that both of those things aren’t true.  The vagina is designed to stretch.  You just have to make sure you go really, really slowly and use a boat-load of lube, even if you are already a really wet individual.  Honestly, I’m hoping the book is right, because Master has really big hands, and I still want to feel one of them inside me someday.  Not that I’m in a rush.  I’ve been waiting five years, I can wait another few.

9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Aw, that so cute, you two holding hands while working out 🙂

    Yep, that's true, your body is designed to push a whole baby out of there. One hand is nothing 😉

  2. Good for you, working out with your Master like that! You look like you have lost SO much weight since I started watching your videos. And while you were beautiful before, and still are, you seem healthier now, and it's great to see you rubbing off on your Master. I'm trying to get more active myself, since we're both overweight. You inspire me! Question though: are you getting lots of use out of your trampoline, and do you think it was worth the purchase? I'd love one, but wonder if it really gets the heart rate up (I've only used the big ones).

    1. Thanks Shii! 🙂 Want to know something crazy? I've only lost 15 pounds. 🙂 I think that because I am so short if I gain or lose one pound it is just waay noticable on me, you know? Thanks for the compliments. :)) I had a really hard time getting active in the beginning, because for me, I gained weight when I came down with Mono. Don't know if you know much about mono, but basically I was asleep for most of a year. *laughs* And after sleeping that long, I was SOO against cardio. I think I did yoga for two months straight and refused to do anything "hard". Crazy to look back on that now though. 🙂

      The trampoline has good and bad points. One thing I love about it is that YES it does get my heart rate up, and I feel like I got a good workout when I jog on it. Only thing I dislike is that the one I got is not really good quality, and it hurt my knees pretty badly. As in, had to stop using it for two weeks, and now I'm gun shy. If you're going to get a trampoline, I recommend saving up a bit and getting a good quality one, because that's the boat I'm in now, I've got to replace this cheap piece of junk.

      1. You're welcome! And 15lbs is a lot, especially since you've probably gained muscle as well. I'm so glad you're feeling better. I didn't know you had mono, but that makes more sense now. You seem to have so much more energy when you talk now, and that's just awesome!

        Darn, that's what I was worried about. The smaller ones seems kind of hard, not as bouncy. I guess I will have to look around. I just want to be bouncy! I wish they had big ones at parks, but it's probably too dangerous 🙁

  3. Missing your face on youtube:( Hey mabe you can stop by my blog some time!!!! Well it's more of a "things I find cool on the web" then a blog, but you know what I mean lol.

    1. Howdy! 🙂 Ooh, cool! I didn't know you had a blog, I'll check it out. Don't worry, I'm not gone from youtube at all, I'm just keeping the bloggy bits on wordpress, and I'm still posting vids, even if they're less then before. 🙂

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