Last night, when Master got home there were still about five minutes left before dinner, while I waited for the oven timer to ding.  Master was getting changed into his workout clothes for after our dinner, and I decided I was going to get into some kitten mischief.  It’s not that I decided really, it sounds more well thought out when I type it up like that, but really, it just kinda came into my head.

We have two basil plants by the window right now.  One of them is on its way out (I think we need to re-fertilize it, which we plan to do this weekend) .  The other one has these plump juicy little leaves, and I’m waiting for it to be big enough to put into a pot.  Anyway, the sickly plant was sitting there, and it still has lots of usable leaves on it.

I got up on all fours and crawled over to the plant, and, giving Master my mischievous face, I started nibbling the plant right there.  Biting off half leaves, nibbling them, tearing them off with my teeth and swallowing and going back for more.  I guess I had thought he would tell me to not eat the plant, but he just kept staring and watching because he told me I was cute.  I guess being a human kitty has some advantages over being a real kitty.  If Samantha or Sabrina started mowing down on a plant, they’d get a light scolding.

I actually looked up at him at one point and said “You’re not going to stop me?”  And he laughed, and gently pushed me off the chair and told me not to eat the plant anymore, because it’s not for kitties.


Later, when dinner was ready, I sat down on the floor to eat.  Everything was going fine until I ran out of ketchup.  I got up to get the ketchup, then came back, and accidentally spilled one drop of it on our nice white carpet.  I froze and just stared at Master in horror.

He said: “Go clean it up.”

I relaxed and said to him: “Whew.  Here I thought I was going to get a beating.”

He looked at me, smiled and said:  “It was just an accident.  Now, go get the grey bottle under the sink.  That should work pretty well.”

I go and get the grey bottle, and it’s Woolite Pet Stains Remover.  I look at him.

“Is ketchup a pet stain?”

“I think it means, stains that pets make.”  He laughs.

You know what?  It worked great.  No ketchup on the floor at all today.

<3 I love my life.

11 thoughts on “Mischievous

    1. OMG! That picture is SOOO cute! 🙂 Oh, and I tried to figure out how to leave a comment on your blog, but I couldn't. 🙁 I love the stitch kittens though. :))

  1. You are SO cute. this might be my favorite post out of all of yours so far, because it made me happy! <3

    I also wanted to thank you for talking to me about trampolines! It was all I needed to hear to decide to get one, and now I'm having so much fun!

    1. Thanks Shii! :)) Ooh, and I’m glad you got a trampoline. I really love mine, I just can’t wait to replace it with something better so I can bounce more often. 🙂

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