16 March, 2010

Whew!  I survived.  Not only did I survive yesterday, but it went so much better than expected.  The new dentist was right:  I was sensitive to the epinephrine in the Novocaine.  Whew!  He gave me about five shots of this other kind of medicine, and I didn’t feel anything.  Yeah, it took him like an hour, but my teeth feel great!  I have one more appointment next Wednesday which I am going to go to alone.  Master was more than willing to come with me, but I just don’t want him to have to take a day off of work for this, or even a half day.  The dentist is literally a half mile walk, and I can do this.  Now that I know I won’t react poorly to the medication I’m totally fearless.

So yeah, we’re going to fill in all the rest of my cavities next week, and then the only thing I need to worry about is having my wisdom teeth out.  Honestly?  I am sure having these teeth out is going to be a bit more uncomfortable than a few measly cavities, but I’m not as scared as I was before.  Master is going to come with me for the extractions (because, come on now, it’ll be my first extractions ever!), and we’re planning on me not working for a full week when I get home.  Of course, if all goes well, and I feel better than most people have been telling me how I feel, I’ll totally nix the days off and get my asshole back to work.  Next week I’ll be making appointments to get these teeth out, and I’ll know more what my schedule will look like then.

The next part I wasn’t even going to mention, because I think it is so silly, but Master said I just had to.  lol.  Anyway, we were on the way home from the dentist, when I mentioned to him “You know, I think I am seriously in love with this dentist.  He’s the nicest, kindest dentist ever, and the first I met who actually LIKES his job.  I think I will just crawl into a hole and die if he ever moves.  Because hell, I am ALWAYS having teeth work done, and there will be no hope if he is gone.”  Lol.  Yeah, I’m silly like that.  I don’t mean to brag, but I really think people would look forward to their bi-yearly cleaning if all dentists were like mine.

7 thoughts on “16 March, 2010

  1. I’m so glad it went well. I’ve had my wisdom teeth out in two different ways. I really hope you have a good experience.
    I wish I could see your dentist. A good one really makes a huge difference.

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