Oral Fixation

Master and me were grocery shopping the other day, and one of the things on the list is: “one snack for kitty.”  Pretty simple right?  Leaves things pretty open so that there’s room for interpretation.

We’re in the store, and I’m looking at the pretzels. I’m looking at these giant Bavarian pretzels which are about a half inch thick, three inches wide, and two inches tall.  BIG.  Master looks at me, and asks if I would rather have the matchstick pretzels.  You know, the little ones about three inches tall and wafer thin?

I looked right at him, and not thinking anything of it at the time said:

“I’d rather have something BIG in my mouth.”

We burst out laughing, there was a lady walking by us and she gave me a look, and Master hasn’t let me live it down yet.


Who wants those piddly little pretzel sticks anyway?  *laughs*

Anyway, Happy St.Paddy’s day! 😀

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