New sex “trick” :)

Last night Master and me were playing around with the Hitachi.  Maybe a lot of you have figured this move out already, and if so, I’m sorry for boring you!  If you haven’t though, we figured out a way to use the Hitachi on HIM that he enjoys.

Step 1: Get him erect.  You’re already reading a mature blog, so I’m sure you know how to use your “wicked wiles” to do this.  He he.

Step 2: Apply the TOP part of the Hitachi to bottom of his erection.  It will look like you’re holding the Hitachi right under his cock, like a kinky “T” shape.

Step 3: Apply mouth.  🙂

Yeah, that’s it.  Master thought that oral sex was really fun with the Hitachi on his cock too.  Woot.

Mew mew!

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