Weekend re-hash

This past weekend kind of sucked for Master and me, because Saturday we had to work (I always work when he works), and that meant that Sunday was the only day we had off this week.  His company is making it up to them by giving them this coming Friday off, so that’s not too bad.  Only thing which really sucked about the whole thing was that Master and me were both sick on Sunday.  I don’t know what we have, Master went alone to the Urgent Care center near here, and they don’t think it’s strep, and told us to drink tons of liquids, use “throat coat” tea, suck on lozenges, etc.  Just gotta ride out this sore throat we are dealing with.  Just kind of lame that your only day off is a sick day.  Oh, well.

My friend S is getting married.  I haven’t talked about it much because I’m just not a big wedding fan in general.  Don’t get me wrong, love is a beautiful thing, and I’m glad when two people love each other enough to tie the knot and make it official.  It’s more of not being a fan of the huge parties people throw just because two people are in love.

Each person needs to do what is right for them, and if spending $10-20,000 on one day of your life to celebrate your declaration of love is what you need to do, then I support that.  But personally, I am so so so glad that’s not the route Master and me took (and so is he!).  I remember when we announced our engagement, and his family flocked to try to plan this big huge bash.  I told them I wanted the wedding to be a “part” of my life, not become my life.  Yeah, they weren’t too pleased, but that’s just how we felt.

I’m going to be the Matron of Honor in S’s wedding, and that means that I’m acquiring all the same stress she is, (OK probably a bit less!), over this wedding.  I just can’t imagine why someone would want to put themselves through this, in the sake of one “Perfect” day.  To me, while love is special and wonderful, falling in love is just not that hard to do.  I don’t see it as an “accomplishment”.   Not something that the entire town needs to be invited to.  I dunno, just my feelings, and I know they are not the majority, and most people feel the exact opposite.

I know what last paragraph sounded kind of negative, but that’s not how I mean it to sound.  I am honored that my friend chose me out of all our friends for the special role of Matron of Honor.  I am proud of being in a wedding party at all, of being in her wedding party.  If someone else in my life asked me to fulfill this special role for them, you bet I would jump on the chance.  This is her day and not mine, and I am happy to be a part of it.  I just wanted to explain my take on big weddings, because honestly, people ask me all the time why I didn’t have a huge one.  That’s why.

Anyway, while on the phone with S yesterday, she mentioned the wedding was in June..  JUNE?!  I had been under the impression it was in July?!  Eep, so we dashed out to David’s Bridal and got me my dress, it’s going to take eight weeks to come in, so it’s a damn good thing I got the memo now.  Oops.  She had accidentally posted online that her wedding was in July, and despite the short time between now and the wedding, she still hasn’t sent out actual invites yet.  Gotta love stressed brides!

Dress I’ll be wearing

Here’s a picture of the dress I’ll be wearing.  It had to be this color which is a shame, because I’ll never wear this dress again unless I have it dyed, and I’m not sure that it’s dyable.  We’ll see.  I tried on three or four dresses and we liked this one the best.  Oh man, I felt so..  Dirty trying on all these “tester” dresses; broken snaps, missing beads, and hook and eye clips missing one side or the other.  Yeah.  Nasty.  But my dress will be arriving bright and shiny new in two months.  One cool thing, is that when I went to the store to try on dresses, I wound up being a full two sizes smaller than I thought I was.  Gotta love days like that.

After finding out the wedding is a month earlier than we were planning on, we’re going to celebrate our birthdays after the wedding.  Both of us have May birthdays, but things are going to be a little tight for the next few months, so we’ll celebrate when we get back.  It’s all good.  I think this trip to Louisiana is going to be super fun anyway, so it’ll be like an adventure just going.  We’re going to drive down, and the actual wedding is in Alabama.  No idea why.

Yeah, that’s the weekend in a nutshell.  Me freaking out over calling around and trying to figure out things one month early.  As Matron of Honor, I’m in charge of the bachelorette party, so I’ve got to get the plans for that firmed up and ready to go.  Whew!

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    1. I don’t think it’s an *ugly* color. Just kind of boring. Maybe after the wedding I could dress it up with some funky tights and huge jewellry. lol. 🙂

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