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Howdy there, everyone.  Thanks for the well wishes the other day.  Master and me are still sick unfortunately, but luckily it’s just a sore throat.  It hurts like hell to swallow, but with no other symptoms we’re not cutting any of our daily activities out.  Yesterday we went for a jog like normal, although, admittedly, it was more of a walk.  I think we’re both kinda low level energy with this bug.  But we went, and that is the important part.  We still had sex, and after we still relaxed and played some games.  Hopefully this sore throat goes away soon though.

My friend Jessie Beth recently mentioned she thought it would be cool to see how we organize our sex toys, so I thought I would make that blog today.  Here’s a few pictures:

This is how I organize the sex toys I use for work. Kind of dull, yes, but I just sort of throw them all into this fabric “box” we got from Target. I just need quick easy access to things, not to rummage through drawers in the middle of a show.
The Hitachi and the purple rabbit hang out by my space in the bed for “assignments” 😉
In this drawer we keep: The Hitachi attatchments, some silk scarves, some soft bondage stuff, and the black paddle.
This drawer contains mainly my pony tack, but also some other bondage restraints.
You could call this our “Things to beat the stuffing out of Kitty” drawer, if you like. 😉 Viper’s tongue, heavy wooden paddle, and a couple of floggers.
We typically keep the rope on the top of the dresser for easy access, but we’re hoping to get a box or something to put this and the bondage tape in soon.
This is how we store bondage tape after it has been used once. We lay it on the ground, measure it, then roll it around toilet paper rolls with the lengths of the tape clearly labled. We’re keeping the tape on top of the dresser for now as well, until we come up with a better place for it.
Our “Cat Proof Box”. When I met Master he was storing condoms in here to make sure the cats didn’t eat them. (They’re weird and totally chew everything). Nowadays we keep a hell of a lot more things than condoms in there.
An inside view of the cat proof box, it’s crammed with all sorts of things, tiny vibes, cock rings, wartenburg wheel, a small whip, etc etc. If we’re going somewhere and can’t bring a lot of stuff we will often bring the cat proof box.

Wow, actually typing all that out made me realise we have a lot more things than I think we do, and I already thought we had a lot.  There’s some more odds and ends that we keep in various places around the house, but they don’t have a specific home.  For example, we have a leash by the tub, and there’s a vibrator and some lube in there too.  🙂  Lots of little things like that.

Mew mew!

10 thoughts on “Storage :)

  1. Oh no! Cat-proofing! Now I can’t get into stuff and play. *grins*
    I can’t wait until I’ve collected as much of an arsenal as you and you Master! Nya!
    I have no idea exactly how much my Master has, I’ll have to go snooping next time I go and see Him. *grins playfully*

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