The worst long weekend ever.


She is a very pretty kitty, but she’s more of a loner than Samantha.  She doesn’t like to be picked up or held, and she’s likely to run away if you try to pat her.  But I finally managed to get this picture.  Isn’t she adorable?

WARNING:  This is going to be a very long and whingie post.  If you don’t want to read it, please look away now.  Thank you. 😉

Last Friday was a long weekend for Master and me.  Master was home Friday, and we went to take him to the dental surgeon for a consult.  Master has two bone impacted teeth which need removal, and they’re going to put him to sleep to do it.  Basically, we just wanted to make sure that the doctor didn’t think it was risky or anything like that.  The doctor said that because Master is generally healthy, and the teeth weren’t really close to any nerves, he think this will be a pretty quick visit with few if any complications.  We were both totally relieved.  There’s a chance he may need to have a bone graft, but they’ll wait and see if new bone grows in a few weeks after his surgery.  His surgery is scheduled for May.

On our way home Master got a call from work.  He couldn’t answer it while driving, so he called back on the way home.  It was someone from work calling to say that they’re sorry, but Campus Vue (I think that’s how you spell it, right, Master? 🙂 Jump Start is going to happen during our vacation in June, and there’s no way we can go now.

I started crying right then and there.  You only get one chance to marry the person you’re with.  It’s not as though Sam is going to marry this guy again, or they could stall the wedding for me.  I may be the matron of honor, but I’m not the frigging bride here.  They said they were really sorry, and they knew it would hurt us so they were dreading telling us.  But everyone who had approved vacations at the end of may or beginning of June has had them cancelled.  There’s no way he  could work remotely, there’s no way they can postpone or do Jump Start ahead of schedule.  We can’t go.

Immediately we started thinking of scenarios to get me there.  Master may have to work, but, being my own boss, I can take off any time I like. (With Master’s approval, of course!).  The break down goes like this:

Flying.  It’s a four hour flight, and I am terrified of flying.  I really don’t think I could handle flying by myself.  I’ve only flown once, to go to Florida for vacation, and Master was with me the whole time.  I spent the first two hours of the four hour flight shaking and crying while Master held me in his arms stroking my hair and telling me it was going to be OK.  When he landed, I spent the whole trip terrified of the journey home, and begged Master to get us train tickets.  Yeah, I know it’s silly..  But I just don’t think I could fly alone.

Train.  I thought about the possibility of taking a train alone.  It would mean over a day of the train though, alone, and honestly travelling that far alone is just terrifying to me.

And bus.  I guess bus is the same as train really.  The only difference is that there are a few transfers.  When I used to live in Massachusetts, I had a boyfriend at one point who lived over an hour away by bus.  Nearly every time I tried to go see him, I would get on the wrong bus at transfer, or the people at the train station wouldn’t know where my bus is, or etc etc.  I’ve never really had a bus trip that went well, and this one would be out of state.  I guess the biggest thing is, that if I get on the wrong bus, or can’t find the bus I need, there would be no one there to bail me out.  I could get lost in Texas some place, and couldn’t really call the bride for a ride.  I’m just terrible with directions like this, and Louisiana is just NOT close to Colorado. 🙁

If Sam lived an hour or two away, I would drive there alone.  It’s not about having Master with me.  Honestly, I would love to have him there (he was going to be a groomsman), but I could drive within the same state without him.  Driving there now though, would be a day and a half in strange territory with no co-pilot, and I just don’t think I can travel that far alone. 🙁  If there was someone travelling from this part of the country I could probably join in, but there’s not.  All of Sam’s family and friends who aren’t in Louisiana are from the East.  This whole thing just sucks so hardcore.

I feel really bad about this, and I was really looking forward to being her matron of honor.  I was already in the middle of planning the best bachelorette party ever, and I am NOT giving that up now.  I’m still going to plan it, pay for the stripper, and hand the reins off to whoever Sam chooses.  I still want to be a part of her wedding even if I can’t be there.  If I can’t be there, then at least I can get her the cutest stripper ever.  I’ll post a pic of him later, lol. 🙂

I feel a little better about this whole thing now, but at the time, I was just bawling my eyes out.  I just couldn’t believe that Master’s company would approve our time off, knowing it was for a wedding, then call us a week later and say they scheduled a major upgrade and we can no longer go.  Seems to me that if they knew they approved something, then they shouldn’t schedule Master for something they would need him for until after he gets back.  Mega lame. 🙁  What can I do though?  He hasn’t even been there a year, and it’s not worth losing his job over.  If he didn’t have this job, we’d be screwed. 🙁

So, while I’m bawling on the floor in my kitty bed, I asked Master if we could go to the thrift store nearby since we had just cancelled the dress we ordered. 🙁  He says “Yeah” and we went.  The name of the thrift store was Plato’s Closet.  I think a lot of my friends who read this blog would love this place, and it has a bunch of stores.  Check out their website.  It’s basically a place where they ONLY stock cute stuff. lol.  It’s all name brand, it’s Juniors sizes, and they go up to a 16 for girls, and a 40 inch waist for men.  Seriously though, I got four really really cute and barely worn shirts for $20.  Not a bad place for some retail therapy.  I’m already planning on going back when I get paid again. 🙂

So we get home, and that night was just the worst night ever.  Aside from the terrible news that I can’t go to Sam’s wedding now, I started to get sick.  I had a sore throat all week, but it wasn’t anything worse than that.  It hurt to swallow, and that was it.  Nothing a tough kitty like me couldn’t handle.  But as the night wore on, I developed a fever, I got the chills, all my muscles ached, headache, nausea, my sore throat got worse X10, you name it.  It sucked.  I didn’t even get any sleep because of the chills, they were just the worst.  I found myself staring at the clock hoping 8Am would come sooner (that’s when the local Urgent Care opens).  I hate going to the doctor, so for me to be staring at the clock hoping for the Urgent Care place to open, you know I had to be sick.

7AM comes along, and I got up and showered, put on some sweat pants and a tee shirt, and right as I was about to wake up Master he got up on his own and we went to the Urgent Care place.  Basically, the doctor isn’t sure what I have 100%, but she gave me an inhaler, some liquid cough suppressant stuff, an antibiotic, and told me to take motrin for the fever.  I went home, took my medicine, and curled up in bed.

I spent the vast majority of the weekend in bed, and Master has been giving me medicine on a schedule since we got it.  The liquid stuff tasted like nail polish remover smells, so he has been putting it in fruit juice.  We sort of forgot that orange juice is high in potassium though, and I would up drinking about two thirds of the half gallon we picked up the first day (to get my medicine down).  Basically, the potassium made my blood pressure plummet, because I haven’t been eating a lot, and thus couldn’t keep up my high salt diet.  I got even worse until he got me to eat some salty food.  I’m glad we figured out that the orange juice was making me so sick though.  Master ran out and got me some grape and my blood pressure is back in a nice normal range.  For me anyway.

Ugh.  This whole thing has just gotten me so DOWN.  I know that no one likes to be sick, but I haven’t had an actual bug in about 5 or 6 years.  And that’s the last time I had a bug bad enough to give me a fever.  I know I’ve had some kidney stones and a couple of cysts, but I think of thoes as bad luck.  Not an immune system problem.  Two days ago I started losing my voice, and yesterday I had none at all.  Master put me in bed with a bell and a pen and paper, and has been waiting on me hand and foot.  I feel bad.

I mean, I understand that when someone loves you, regardless of the M/s thing, that’s what they do.  And from a DMs stand point, I get that if his property isn’t working right, that throwing it against the wall and telling it to work isn’t going to fix it and will probably make it worse..  But I’m just not used to this whole being waited on thing, and I just feel bad.  Master has a sore throat too, even if it hasn’t escalated to the point that mine has, and I feel bad that he is sick and I am not taking care of him.  He keeps telling me it is not a burden, that he likes to take care of me because he wants me to get better soon.  But I think it’s just hard anyway, you know?

Ooh, and Master took a few pictures of how he managed to get me to take my medicine the first few times. lol. 🙂  He told me if I drank it all (the liquid stuff) then he would give me some Easter candy early, and not to worry, because he would have plenty left. :))  So I drank it all, and he gave me this box of vegan chocolates!

Chocolates make kitty better!

They’re extremely delicious, but I’ve only eaten two so far, because my tummy just doesn’t like it when I eat at all. 🙁  But anyway, aren’t they just pretty?  lol.  I was also just incredibly impressed that he went out of his way to find me vegan candy for Easter.  He tells me he doesn’t really think of it as a burden, but he likes to imagine that I am a special breed of kitty! 🙂  One who lives off plants only.  Awe.  Master, I love you!  Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick, or bad, or for whatever reason I need taking care of for.


10 thoughts on “The worst long weekend ever.

  1. you ARE a special breed of kitty who only eats plants. 😉 I hope feeling better today. I’ll be home to take care of you again after work ASAP.

  2. *hug* I’m so sorry it looks like you won’t be able to be matron of honor at the wedding. I agree, if your Master’s work new that there was an upgrade coming up they should have waited before approving his vacation time. That’s just unprofessional.

    I know flying’s pretty much out of the question, but maybe you could take the train with some careful planning. Your main problem with it is being alone for an extended period of time, right? Well, maybe you could plan it so that you can talk with people on your cell the whole way down. That way you wouldn’t be lonely or bored. You could work it out in shifts; your Master part of the time, and then friends or family other times so that everyone gets a break and you can work around different schedules. Kind of complicated I know, but it could work.

    Anyway, hope you feel better, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Even Wonder Woman needed help from Superman every now and then 😉

  3. I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful weekend.
    I do hope you’ll get better soon.
    (I have this huge talent for saying the wrong things so if I’ve managed it again at some point, please forgive me.)
    Those chocolates look wonderful.
    That Potassium thing is interesting. I’ll have to pay attention to that. Thank you for sharing that experience.
    You hardly ever mention Sabrina so I wasn’t sure what was up with her. She is very pretty.

    1. Well, if you’ve said something wrong to me ever, I don’t know about it, lol. I really don’t remember you ever saying anything bad to me at all actually, so yeah. Lol 🙂

      The potassium thing matters to me only because I have low blood pressure. Potassium pushes salt out of your system, so I gotta watch it. Taking one or two glasses if orange juice now and then isn’t a problem, but since solid foods are making me queasy I lived on OJ for a day and a half and THAT is when it hit me. But yeah, not generally a problem since I rarely drink juice normally.

      1. Aww, you’re such a sweetie.
        I have dysautonomia & POTS. (It can be part of vascular problems that come with EDS.) So, my BP is all over the map. I have my own sea salt grinder. It helps a little to keep things in the middle.
        I hope you continue to stay on the mend 🙂

  4. *huggles* I hope you feel better soon babydoll! And that pic of you is wwaayy cute!! 🙂

    We have a Plato’s Closet here. I just need to loose a tad bit more weight and I can wear their clothes 🙂 It’s totally within walking distance of home. Woot!

    1. Thankee sweetie! I didn’t even know Plato’s Closet existed but I got a couple shirts for 3 or 4 bucks which I plan to DIY. If I screw them up, I only spent $4 so I think that just Rawks. Lulz.

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