“Tickers are ugly, and Bettie don’t like ugly.”

Okay, first off, I have to explain why I’m spelling Bettie’s name differently now.  Ha ha.  What happened is that a couple weeks ago, Master Pravus pulled me aside and said he needed to talk to me about something.  I started to panic thinking “Omg, have I done something wrong recently?”  All he wanted to talk about is how he doesn’t like the name Betty spelled with a Y, and that I should change it on my blog.  lol.  So there you go.

I’m usually pretty optimistic, but you know what, I’m kinda not in a good mood the last few days.  Every time I try to just move on from negative things that have happened, something worse seems to happen.

Last night, since it was 80 degrees, and since I was feeling a bit better, we decided to go for a short stroll around the complex.  We want to ease me back into working out again, not start back off with a one hour jog when I do still have this bug a bit.  So, anyway, we took a thirty minute walk around the complex, and I started coughing again.  Master Pravus asked me if I was taking my lozenges, and I told him I was, but that since they are medicated, you can only have one per hour.  We decided to run out and get me some hard candy to suck on in between medicated lozenges.

On our way to the store, we got into a minor car accident.  We’re both fine, really..  But I was kinda shaken up, and the whole thing was so unavoidable you won’t even believe it when I explain it to you.

Basically, there are two “roads” leading in and out of our complex.  They are both one way, and have a gate in front of them.  We were driving slowly. (There’s a 15 mph speed limit in the complex), down the “exit” road, when all of a sudden the car in front of us stopped.  Master Pravus put the brakes on, and we wound up stopping about a car length before the car.  We both breathed a sigh of relief, but then, the car in front of us BACKED UP!  I started screaming, Master Pravus wailed on the horn, but she went right into us and pushed us back a few feet.  I was terrified that she was going to push us into a tree or a sign or something.

We stopped the car, I looked at Master Pravus, with tears in my eyes and said “Our nice new car.” 🙁

Yeah, the other lady got out of her car, started telling us how SORRY she was.  Oh man.  I had no response for her.  Our car is less than a month old.  We got it with fourteen miles on it from the dealership.  And you backed into it.  Sorry isn’t going to cut it.

We exchanged info, Master Pravus filed a claim with the insurance company, we’re having people come out and take pictures of the car, but this whole thing is so lame.  There’s not a ton of damage, the main thing is that the hood is totally misaligned now, but she also dented our license plate holder.  Yeah, the holder is minor, but the hood is something that she is going to pay for.

Master Pravus still is in the whole “Omg, look, a smudge of dirt I must clean off right here right now with my spit and sleeve” stage of owning a car.  This was sort of just the icing on the cake which we didn’t need.

If my luck doesn’t pick up soon, I’m afraid there’s going to be a whole lot of whiney journaling going on. 🙁

6 thoughts on ““Tickers are ugly, and Bettie don’t like ugly.”

  1. *hugs* Ugh, that sucks. Something similar happened to me when I was living in Birmingham. I had been having a bad couple of days so went to the local Walgreens to get some ice cream. When I was leaving, I was trying to pull out into a two lane road so I could take a left back to my apartment. The traffic was heavy, and I couldn’t really see into the left turn lane so I waited a few minutes until the light turned red. A car waved me in, so I slowly drove into the street…and got hit side on by a car driving in the lane I was getting into. It nearly tore my front bumper off the car 🙁 Insurance fixed it and I was only without a car for a week, but after that, I made dang sure I wouldn’t trust someone waving me in unless I knew them 😉

  2. I really don’t mind whiny journaling. I actually like it sometimes. It helps blogs and people feel more plausible I think. Or something. I’m so messed up that who knows.
    I am sorry that it seems to have been one of ‘if it rains, it pours’ kind of times. I do hope it stops for you soon.
    It’s amazing that she took responsibility. (Yes she should have but I’m still surprised when people I don’t know do.) At least that makes things a bit easier.

    1. Yeah, totally. I won’t gloss over the “whiney” points of my life, but I do look forward to some damn sunshine, lol. 🙂

      I was pretty amazed she took responsibility too, but still I am definately glad about it. 🙂

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