Easter Bunny!!

Saturday night before Master tucked me in, he told me I wasn’t allowed to leave the bedroom the following morning (Easter morning) without him, and to get everything I needed for the day and put it in the bedroom.  Then, I went to sleep.

The next morning, I work up, brushed my hair, put on my dress, got my ears in, and then mewed until Master woke up.  As it turns out, the Easter Bunny visited us!  AND, he laid many eggs around the house for me to find. 🙂  It was really cool, I got some vegan peeps, chocolate eggs, and some cute little chickens and quarters for trips to the grocery store. :))  I also got my very own chocolate bunny.  I haven’t even cracked him open yet.  To be honest, I am always a little overwhelmed by chocolate bunnies, I mean, that’s a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, the day went really, really well, and we even made Tofurky.  I’ve had it before and liked it.  Master likes it too, but not the stuffing they put inside it.  He made himself some buffalo meat, but truth be told, he snuck a whole lot of my Tofurky!  lol. 🙂

It was a really nice relaxing day, and it was just good to be able to relax a bit and enjoy the holiday.

Mew mew mew!

6 thoughts on “Easter Bunny!!

  1. I loved your keyhole videos. They were so cute and made me envious of the fact that I didn’t get visited by any easter bunny.
    Not that I celebrate the holiday, of course– but I love the bright plastic eggs and the change to get sweeties and stuffies. Mew!

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