Long post about the weekend!


Last night while we were playing, Master took this picture of the “toy” from my last post.  A few people have emailed me asking what it is.  Actually *laughs*  it’s a silicone and wood pastry brush!  Master saw it in the store a few months ago, and bought it specifically to play with me.  (We don’t use it for food ever), he just hadn’t really done much with it until recently.  It might look soft and squishy, and the little bits at the end of it are, but the whole head is pretty hard because there is wood underneath.  The silicone is great though, because it is smooth and there are no splinters or anything.  Yay.  So if you see a silicone pastry brush, and you like clit spankings, I recommend you pick one up.  *giggles*  And yes, it’s resting on my ass.

Well, this was a crazy weekend to say the least.  On Friday I got two pressies!  One of them was from Gamer Sensei, and it was so perfect for us.


Are these not the coolest stickers of all time?!  I still haven’t come up with a good place to put mine yet.  I wanna put it somewhere good.  Thanks Gamer Sensei, that was really sweet of you!

And I also got a rubber duckie vibrator from my musketeers!  It was so cool of them to think of me.  I’ve been wanting a vibrating rubber duck for years, and have just never gotten around to it.  I’ve got a whole collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom, I really need to take a picture soon or upload a video.

Saturday morning we went to a new doctor.  After talking to my previous doctor about a problem I was having with the medication to prevent the cysts all he had to say to me was:  “Well, would you rather have swelling, or be in severe pain?”  Uh, right.  New doctor please?

So, we went to our annual physical, and it went so-so.  Master has to have an ultrasound done on his heart, because the left side is enlarged.  When he was at his highest weight, he had found out his heart was enlarged.  They did a stress test, and decided that he was in great physical health, and it was probably due to his being over weight.  He is actually down 150 pounds now though, so it’s kind of scary to me that his heart is still enlarged.  They’re going to have his paperwork faxed over from his last doctor in Massachusetts so that they can compare ultrasounds.  It is possible that his heart is still enlarged a bit on the left side, but that it has gone down, and still needs time to shrink back again.

This is terrifying to me, any way you slice it.  You don’t mess with your heart.  Kind of hard to live without one.  The fact of the matter is, he still has high blood pressure, and his father died (still pretty recently, about two years or so ago?) of a heart attack.  I know his dad was a lot sicker than Master, and that Master is incredibly active and strong..  But it still scares me.  I love him so much.  I don’t want anything to ever happen to him.  All we can do is wait and see what the ultrasound shows.

From a personal stand point, this new doctor was really, really helpful to me.  I mentioned to her that I was concerned about these ovarian cysts that keep popping up, and rupturing.  She asked me a bunch of questions about whether or not I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries.  I told her I had not.  She asked if I had:  acne (no), irregular periods (yes), weight gain (nopers), facial hair (nope), and the cysts gave me another yes.  That’s two out of the five qualifying factors, so she did some blood work.  She said that if my thyroid was off that they could give me medication to fix it, and the cysts would go away too.  She said there’s also a chance some of my hormones are off, and they can give me some meds to fix ’em and thus, the cysts would be gone too.  Unfortunately, the blood work she had done is going to take a while, and I may not hear back for two weeks.  It was still really, really reassuring to hear that there may be more we can do to try to prevent these cysts from rupturing.  I’m tired of having to take a week out of my life every few months and stay in bed while these things heal.  She also said though, that most likely the cause was more of a genetic thing, and there may be nothing you can do.

On to some more cheery topics.

I’m hoping to start doing some sex toy reviewing soon.  I have a friend who does it who pointed me in the right direction.  (Thanks, JessieBeth!), and I think that will be really fun for me.  I’ve been doing the webcam stuff for so long, and I think this will be a fun adjunct.  Not to mention, there’s a whole lot of time for me to “test” things while I’m at work.

Also, Master and me are planning on visiting Jessie Beth next month!  We’re so excited.  This is just the sort of thing I need to look forward to right now.  The past few months have just been so stressful for various reasons, and a weekend to just relax and hang is going to be awesome.  She’s taking us to the Mall of America to the Hello Kitty store!  I’m not spending a penny of my allowance until we go visit!  I’m going to come home with so much Hello Kitty stuff it’ll just be wrong.  Plus, we’re going to SWIM!  Our pool isn’t opened here yet, not till the end of May, so it’ll be awesome to get in the pool early.  I wonder if I’ll have the balls to wear my bathing suit with no cover up.  Probably not, but Master is always trying to convince me.

*     *     *

And now for something a bit more sexy.

This past weekend I had something I like to call “Heather” syndrome.  My favorite porn star of all time is Heather from www.ideepthroat.com  Seriously, the things she does with that mouth are always amazing.  I keep hoping and wishing that someday I could be that good.  I’ll keep dreaming.  Heather, you got the skills!

First off, I love sucking cock as much as the next woman.  Okay, maybe MORE than the next woman, lol.  It’s definitely something I love doing, the taste of him in my mouth, the firmness, the feel of him being unable to keep himself from squirming under my mouth as I please his cock.  Mmmm mmmm  mmmm.

But there are just times which pop up for no specific reason where I just can’t get ENOUGH cock in my mouth.  I just want his dick in there constantly, I want to suck him until his balls are bone dry.  It’s more of an animalistic need.  Something drives me to beg for his cock, whimper when it’s not close enough to my mouth, whimper when he cums inside my pussy instead of letting me swallow.  This past weekend, I had “Heather” syndrome bad.  He he.  I don’t think Master was unhappy.  Feel free to ask him. ;))  lol.

Mew mew!

8 thoughts on “Long post about the weekend!

  1. Mew! Sounds like a reasonably good weekend– and productive to boot. I love that little brush. It looks like it would be great fun.

    I spent my weekend down with my Master, it was so great and I was loathed to leave. Though it did help when He reminded me I'll be back in less than a month to live with Him all summer (Mew!). That perked me up.
    I have discovered, sadly, that my bottom doesn't mark– even when I've been worked over for at least a good solid hour. I wish I knew some way to correct that, because I love to mark and have that "Master was here" reminder. Everywhere else marks well, but not there.

    1. You're going to live with him all summer?! *Does a happy dance for you!* Awesome!

      Hmm, that's weird about your bottom not marking while the rest of you does. lol. 🙂 That's one sturdy bum. 😉

      1. Teehee– my bum is much sturdier than myself, I have found. Master and I are gonna work on that though. Whee! =^+^=
        But yeah, 24/7 with Master all summer. I really look forward to it.

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