Sleepy Kitty=Z.Z=

First thing I thought this morning when Master woke me up at 0600 was “Damn.  I JUST fell asleep”.  Sigh.  We have the worst mattress ever.  We’ve got egg shells on it to try to soften it up for me, but Master likes his mattress to be really, really firm.  When I say firm, I mean there isn’t much difference between sleeping on the mattress, and sleeping on the floor.  We’ve got it on our list to buy a new mattress, possibly a sleep number, since we both need drastically different mattress firmness, but it’s going to probably wait until after we visit our family this December.

Yesterday went pretty well.  We went for our nightly walk as usual, but this time we brought some wildflower seeds.  The area we walk in is so barren, and I figure that is probably because it is so dry up here, but we’re hoping at least a few of the seeds will sprout.  There’s a good chance they won’t, but how cool would it be if we went walking one day and the path was littered with flowers.  <3  If they sprout, I’ll be sure to take pictures.

Damn, right now, I am seriously the zombie queen.  Happy Tuesday everyone, let’s just hope it passes quickly.


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