My toes are cold.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kitty2bad! I loooove it!!

You were dying to know that, weren’t you? ^^  Okay, first off, my friend Kitty2Bad AKA Nico AKA Niclexis made me a really fucking cool picture, which I had to post here.  I was just so..  Open mouth flabbergasted by how awesome it is!

Is it not the cutest thing ever?!  Omg, I just had to post it here for all to see.  Mew mew mew mew!  ^^

Yesterday was the choppiest day ever for me.  I woke up about a half hour earlier than normal, and Master told me I could go back to sleep if I wanted because the cable, phone, and internet were all out.  Only problem was that I could not go back to sleep.  I was awake, super awake.  I decided “fuck it”, and just got up.  I got my bath in, ate my breakfast, and around 10AM the services all started to come back online.  Woot!  So, I worked until lunch, and at that point I decided that I should check on my tracking info for a couple packages I’m expecting.  They were on the way.  I’m sure you know where this is going, I waited for my packages to come, then I went back online for like, one hour.  It seriously felt like the most unproductive day ever.

Around lunch time, Master called to tell me he couldn’t get out of work early after all, because he couldn’t work through lunch, because work people were there from Florida.  Lame.  I got a bit mopey at first, but then I said “Hey, wanna do our own grilling?!  I have tofu pups, and you still have bison!”  Master thought it was a great idea, and he stopped off at the store to get me a couple of grilling foods.  We ate dinner really leisurely and then settled into the tub for some tub fun.

Master looked like a kid in a candy store yesterday when he saw all my new toys.  Ok, a really perverted kid.  You know, the kind of kid the other parents don’t let their kids hang around?  Yeah.  *lovey dovey grin*  Love you Master!  We got two toys which were waterproof, the glass g-spotter I posted about this morning, and a silicone butt plug.  Master REALLY seems to like Rosie though (the g-spotter).  In Rosie’s defense, she does just feel good in your hands.  So yeah, we had a fuckton of fun in the tub before moving to the bedroom for the grand finale.  Mmmm.  Sex.  Before we went to bed I said jokingly to Master:

“You know, my pussy hurts from all this play.  lol.  I really hope if you get horny again tonight, you stick with my butthole, or my ears, or my titties, or my mouth even!”  And we both just laughed.  I’m glad he found it funny.  ^^

And aside from that, things are going pretty well!  The only thing which has been sort of busting my bum lately is this new medication I’m on to treat the PCOS.  It has a tendency to make your blood sugar plummet.  I called the doctor and she said that is normal, but it’s kind of a pain to deal with.  I don’t generally like to eat much candy or juices, but I’ve been getting the shakes a lot.  Master will notice I’m about to crash before I notice it and rush to get me to drink some juice or eat some candy.  I guess lots of people would love an excuse to eat cake or candy or juice all the time, but not me.  It’s kind of a pain to have to worry about.  I can be completely full and not hungry, and still have to eat more.  Ick.  The doctor said it’s a totally normal reaction to the medicine though, and there really aren’t many options for the PCOS, so I’m trying to just hang in.

Tonight Master and me are going to grill the last of the grillables.  MMmmm mmmm.  ^^  Mew mew.

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