22 April, 2010

Thank you to my muskateers! 😀

Yesterday when Master came home we walked down to the mailbox on our way to our normal walk.  There was a package slip in the mailbox so I hurried down to the mail center, and a box was there! ^^  I was so excited, I ripped it open right then and there and found Season 1 of the Guild on DVD!  How swanky is THAT?!  I almost started watching it right then and there, but I decided to hang onto it for this weekend when I’m getting over my wisdom teeth.  It’ll give me something to watch.  <3

Today, I was hanging around waiting for my repaired xbox 360 to arrive, when I got a knock on the door from UPS.  He did not have my repaired xbox.  Instead, he had a package from another of my three muskateers!  I got a VEGAN COOK BOOK!  It’s my first cook book, and I was SO excited. <3  There are so many recipes I cannot wait to try.  Seriously.

Thank you both so much.  I really appreciate how you guys went out of your way to make my birthday special.  It was really, really sweet, and I feel so grateful and lucky!  Thank you both so much.  *purrs and huggles*

Tomorrow is wisdom tooth removal day.  I’m a lot less worried now that I’ve managed to talk to a couple people who have had their wisdom teeth out. (Thanks Nico)  Prior to that, all I had to go on was WebMD.com, and honestly, I was getting queasy reading the info over there. >.<  Most people I talk to say it’ll be fine, and hopefully I’ll sleep through it.  Woo hoo.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to make my dentist a cake.  This dentist has seriously been the nicest dentist I have ever had.  He takes the time to explain things, he stops if you’re in the slightest bit of pain, and he even calls you that night to check on you – even if you’ve only had a cavity filled.  How sweet is that?  I wanted to do something nice for him, something which would let him know that I really appreciate how nice, professional, and diligent he has been.  Here’s a picture of the cake:


Okay, so I’m no cake decorator…  That’s supposed to be a happy tooth with kitty ears on it.  lol.  Either way, I am hoping this cake brightens his day.  Mew mew!

Tonight Master and me are going to run out to get some chocolate soy milk, and a few avocados so I have something to eat when I’m toothless.  (We’re going to mash the hell out of the avocados, maybe even blend them.)  Yeah.  Guess that’s it for now.  Mew mew.

6 thoughts on “22 April, 2010

  1. Aw, your welcome sweetie. I hope the Guild helps you get through the weekend. Its one of my favorite webserials; Felicia Day, so funny and hot. Be sure and listen to the commentary 🙂

  2. Your supplies sound good. I hope it goes well. It really sounds like you have a much better person than my oral surgeon.
    I love the guild too. 🙂 I hope you like it.

  3. Avocados mashed into warmed vegan cream cheese with a little lemon pepper and minced onion is really good, by the way. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to eat it when you’re toothless, because of the onion, but in case it interests you– it’s really good on toast or as a dip or something if you’re ever interested in trying it.

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