The Butt Magnet

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who had anal sex as a hard limit.  Her anus was an “exit only” hole, and she wouldn’t even let anyone look funny at her bum.  The girl was so scared of putting things in her butt that she wouldn’t even be taken vaginally from behind.  The only way she would agree to it, was if she was looking in a mirror and could see exactly what was happening.  Well, in time the girl grew to be OK with stimulation from behind.  She and her Master had lots of vaginal “from behind” sex, and life was good.

But, the girl began to grow curious about anal sex.

She began to watch anal porn when no one was around.  Even once, embarrassed and ashamed, though no one was watching, she started experimenting with inserting a lubed up finger.  She found that she liked it!  The next day, when her Master woke her up, she begged him to try some anal play with her.  Her Master was completely taken aback, and decided to wait a while.  After all, this was a hard limit.  Something his slave had previously never ever been even willing to try.  What would make her suddenly want to try it?  Was it a trick?

Well, finally, he DID try some light anal with his girl, and thus began her love for anal.  She was positively glowing.  She had no idea why she had put this off for so long.  No idea what had deterred her, but “anal sex” was moved from a “no way in hell” position on her fetish list, to a 4 (I want this often) rating.

She experimented with all sorts of toys, and at the time, she liked anal plugs best.  At the time, she was still a newbie in the anal department, and she could NOT fit much in there yet.  She had this really great plug, which was about 1 inch around, and only 2.5 inches long.  Pretty small but effective, and her favorite thing was that it always stayed in.  Since then, she’s tried a bunch of plugs with varying results, but none that had the staying in power of the first plug.  Until now.

Thanks goes again to the amazing people over at Babeland who let her try the Ripple by Tantus, in size small.  The ripple butt plug is made of soft luxurious silicone, and is 5″ long.  The widest insertable point is 1″ around. She did not notice a smell coming off the toy, either before or after she washed it.  This is a really, really great beginner plug.  The Ripple I received came in a lovely color: a beautiful metallic purple.

Because this toy is made from silicone, please don’t use any silicone lubricants with it.  This will degrade your wonderful new toy, and you will want this thing to last forever.  Trust me.   The good news is that silicone in non-pourous, so sterilizing it is easy.  Wash with a good toy cleaner, or mild soap and water.  You could also use a condom on this toy, but I don’t think it would have as much staying power because the condom would make it a bit slippery.  The only real downside to this toy is that, because it is silicone it is going to pick up hairs and dust and dander, and all sorts of things.  So make sure you wash it before you use it each time.  This isn’t a big deal for the girl, because she washes her sex toys before and after using them.

She nicknamed my Ripple “The Butt Magnet”, because once she started inserting it, her ass just eats this sucker up, and enjoys every minute of it.  The soft, plush silicone feels really good, and there are no snags, rough spots, or seams anywhere on the toy.  It’s really beautifully made.

One thing she tested with it, was putting it in and walking around to see if it would indeed stay in.  she had NO problems at all with that.  The plug held on as though there was indeed a magnet in my butt keeping it there.  This is very important to her because her Master and her like to play in such a way that she may be asked to hold different positions or crawl from point A to point B, and they need a plug which is capable of staying in.

When it came to actual use, there was one little snafu with her new Ripple.  The first time she used it, it burned like HELL!  She had to wash it AGAIN, but then there was no problem with the toy at all.  An odd little problem, but easily remedied.  She recommends washing this toy twice before you use it the first time, just to be safe. ^^

…And the girl lived happily ever after.

All in all, this is a great little toy, and I loved it.  5 out of 5 paws!

Thank you so much, Babeland, for giving me to opportunity to try this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review!


Ripple by Babeland

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16 thoughts on “The Butt Magnet

  1. Great review that has me wanting one.
    I have one plug and it is jelly because we just didn’t know if I’d like it and we’re poor.
    Jelly is evil. A year later and I think it is still outgassing. Plus it is super drying.
    I’ve seen nice glass plugs that have me tempted but this review makes it seems like a silicone plug might work for me and I don’t have to worry about breaking it. Complete plus there.

    1. Heya lada. 🙂

      Thanks! The other thing about jelly is how porous it is. It’s impossible to clean. I had a jelly plug which didn’t last long at all, let me just say. Ick! lol. Well, if you wind up getting a silicone one, I hope it works well for you. I’m loving this one, if you can’t tell. 😉 lol.

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