Wisdom Tooth Removal

Last friday was my appointment to get my teeth out, and it went worse than I thought.  I want to be honest about how something like this went down for me though, because most people told me “Oh, wisdom teeth are nothing, you’ll be fine”.  And I find that to be an utter lie.  I’m on day 6 now, and I am still not eating normal foods.  So here ya go.

We arrived on time for my appointment, and I brought the cake with me.  The dentist really, really loved it. <3  It totally made his day.  Woo hoo!  So, they brought me back for x-rays, and Master decided to just take a quick jaunt over to the town hall to register the car.  Ok, sound good so far?  Because up until now, it went pretty well.  Things start to take a turn for the worse….  NOW.

The first thing that happened when I got there, was to sit in the chair (duh), talk briefly about after care, and get my anesthetic injections so that they could take their sweet time kicking in.  I laid back in the chair, determined to relax into this.  Determined not to be scared, and to just be a big brave kitty.

The injections hurt like a mother fucker.  Honestly, I was trying to be brave, I held off crying as long as I could..  But I couldn’t help it.  Before I knew it, I was bawling like a helpless kitty.  When I say crying, I mean, shaking, snot, tears, the works.  SERIOUS pain.  I consider myself a masochist, but not when it comes to mouth work or the dentist.  There are just some things that I can’t turn into “sexy” pain.  Eek..  The dentist was really nice and tried to talk me through it, but the damage was done.  He gave me a couple minutes to just relax before he did the other side, and I wound up crying for that side as well.  Ugh.

He went away for the next few minutes so that  I could try to calm myself down somewhat, but once I started crying, it was like the flood gates opened and I actually got panicked, really panicked, for the first time since arriving.  When he came back in the room, I was shaking visibly.  Not just shaking, but the whole chair and the TV were shaking too.  The dentist tried to talk me down, and I sort of got a hold of myself.  He even offered to refer me out to an oral surgeon so I could be asleep during the procedure.  I’m more scared of general anesthesia though than I am the local, so I decided to try to pull it together enough to just get these teeth out of me.

As I was lying there, both the dentist, and the hygenist kept remarking about how the snow was really starting to come down.  (Really?!)  I looked up and noticed that the snow was really coming down.  There was no snow before we got there, and none predicted though.  We wound up with a totally freak blizzard.  This was a problem for me, because Master had my piggy, which I really needed.  I asked the dentist if they would ask my husband for my piggy as soon as he got back.  Without missing a single beat, not only did he agree, but they let me borrow “Molar Bear” until Master got back.  Master did not return for the duration of my visit, or for a full hour after my visit was done, due to the blizzard.

The actual removal of the teeth, once I let the dentist near my mouth without crying was uncomfortable.  It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve dealt with, but we had problems giving me enough numbing stuff so that I wasn’t in any pain.  It took some messing around with different anesthetics, but once we got it, it went well.  The teeth themselves didn’t take a hell of a lot of time to come out, and it was a whole lot of just pushing on the tooth with the blunt end of a metal instrument.  Not my idea of fun.  About half way through the procedure, the dentist decided to give me nitrous, because I just wasn’t relaxing.  Honestly, I didn’t feel any different when I was on the nitrous.  Shame.  I was hoping It would help.

Why did I type all this out?  Two reasons.  So that you could see that A) Anxiety over the proceedure was probably my worst enemy, and B) So that you could see that having your wisdom teeth out is NOT a walk in the park.  I had all the dental assistants telling me I would be fine, no pain, blah blah, and it just wasn’t true.  I’m not saying that it won’t be true for YOU, but I did want to give a real account of what the actual procedure was like for ME.  Something a bit more than “Oh, you’ll be fine, just get it done already.”

After my teeth came out, I had to leave the gauze in for about an hour and the dentist took it out for me while I was still there.  Master hadn’t made it in due the storm yet, so I basically just waited for him to come get me so that we could slowly drive down to the pharmacy, get my Vicodin and antibiotics and get home.  The dentist said to take the vicodin BEFORE my numbing stuff wore off, and I am so glad I did.  For the first two days I took it on time every four hours, and then I switched to just Motrin, because the pain got a lot less terrible.

For the first four days, I was on liquids only, although I tried to eat some solids on day two with no luck.  (The dentist said that after the first 24 hours, I could eat whatever was comfortable, and that he did want me to eat).  I couldn’t use a straw for three days, although the dentist said it would be safe to use a straw after two days.  Right now, I’m still mainly eating liquids, but I can get some noodles down now too.  Eventually, my jaw gives out though, and I have to give up for a while.  The bruise that developed about two days ago is nearly gone now, I’m in a lot less pain, although I am still swelling up a bit here and there.

The dentist actually put stitches in, he mentioned they don’t usually, but he was able to get my gums to close completely, which is good because it will mean a faster healing time.  Let’s see, what else would you want to know if you were going to go through this yourself.  Oh, right.  After I had the injections, my jaw locked down, and I could not open it more than one inch.  The dentist said it was because of the type of injection they need to give you to extract teeth.  It’s a lot different than plain Novocaine.  Anyway, I STILL can’t get my jaw open more than an inch, and can’t fit a spoon in there either.  No fun. 🙁  I’m going to call the dentist this Friday if I still can’t get my jaw open a reasonable amount.

One of the downsides to having this done, is that, until the stitches heal – I can’t tongue kiss or give Master oral sex, or else I could cause an infection or damage to the injured site.  Lame.  Master is counting down the days until I can suck his dick again. ^^

So that’s basically it.  I’m supposed to go back in June and have my top two teeth out.  They were unable to take the top two teeth this time because we used close to the toxic dose of anesthetic to get the bottom two teeth out. >.<  I’m really, really wavering and not wanting to get the top two out now.  The whole experience was pretty traumatic to me, and I honestly don’t want to go through it again.  I wanted to wait a while before I posted about the experience, because I didn’t want to post a whole bunch of “I’m STILL sick” journal entries.  This should be the only entry I make dedicated to this trip to get my teeth out, unless something should go really wrong.  They’re healing up pretty quickly I’m told though, so I’m not expecting any real problems.

I think today I’m just going to relax a bit and turn the computer off after I publish this.  I’m just feeling a bit low energy lately, since I can’t seem to get enough food in me because eating does sort of hurt.  Ick.  Hope you’re all having a good day.  Chat soon.

Mew mew mew.

14 thoughts on “Wisdom Tooth Removal

  1. When you get your top two teeth out, post surgery, i found that ice packs all around your face/mouth/jaw help with any post swelling and bruising 🙂 JUst keep them in place for almost 24 hours

    1. Thanks Pampered Bottoms.

      I hope I didn’t totally scare you off, some people have extractions which go just fine.. I guess in the scheme of things, nothing went really wrong with the taking out process. I am just dreading going back in june.

  2. Aww! Poor Kitty 🙁 I so feel your pain. I got mine taken out about 2 years ago (maybe longer) but mine were severely impacted and had to be “put under”. Now, I have a paralyzing fear of dentist and this whole experience just solidified it. I don’t think I could wish that kind of torture on my worst enemy. The horrible part for me was that they thought it was a good idea to let me know my hubby was there, but refused to let me see him. I a wreck from the time I left my house to the time I came to the next day. I hope we NEVER have to go through that again. Licks and purrs and I hope you get well soon! XD

    1. Yeah, mine are impacted too, but they let me decide if I wanted to be asleep or not. Master’s are impacted, bone impacted actually (they have to remove a small part of his jaw to get ’em out!) and he opted to be asleep. His aren’t coming out for a few months though. I feel so so bad for him. I hope you never have to deal with this again.. Sadly, I know I will have to because I need my top teeth out now. >.< Grr. Lame.

      1. Yea, in the end though it truly is worth it. It’s far better than the alternative. Unfortunately I have really bad molars so we’ll see what the future has in store for me. The only good side other than not poisoning myself with abcesses, is that I get to show my boys what could happen if you don’t take care of your teeth. Anyway, hope you get better soon. XD

  3. *hug* I’m sorry it was such a rough experience for you sweetie. At least you have a pretty cool doctor and dental staff to help you get through it. As scary as it was, I think you still should get the top teeth done in June. You could develop other problems over time and now that you at least know what to expect, you maybe won’t be as anxious as before. Hope your almost backk to normal 🙂

    1. *huggles* Thanks Maverick! Yeah, I’m still going in June. Master has seen to that. If it were up to me though, I would really, really just cancell. So far, the pain has been the least of my problems with the healing process. I’m not in much pain anymore, it’s just a matter of getting enough food in. Plus, the medicine I’m on for the PCOS keeps KILLING my blood sugar, which is just making it even harder to get enough food in.

      Oh well. /end whine. lol. ^^

  4. I am so sorry you are still in pain Faete. i didn’t know you were only getting a local. Daddy and I were both put under for our extractions. You should really look into that. There is no pain involved.

    1. Thanks, Nico! General is really not a good option for me because I have a medical condition which doesn’t play nice with it. 🙁 Master is going to be put under for his though.

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