Lions and Tigers and Sonic Ring Kits, OH MY! ^^

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I am a lucky lucky kitty indeed, because Babeland let me try out the Sonic Ring Set!  Right out of the package, this little toy was looking good:

Photo Courtesy of Babeland

This little gem is going to be getting a lot of use, I can already tell.  The first thing I did when I got it out of the package, was to pick up the vibe, and turn it on in my hand, just to feel it.  I thought the vibe itself felt pretty strong.  Excited, I slid it into the ring..  Or rather, tried REALLY hard to fit it, cried, whined, and begged Master to do it for me – only to watch him get the vibe on in the blink of an eye.  Men.  *snort*

When I told Master we had a cock ring on the way to test, let me tell you – he got EXCITED!  He loves sex toys, and as this was one I needed help to test, he joined right in merrily, and eagerly.  Almost too eagerly, in fact.  So eagerly, that I was a bit scared at first.  He gets this evil twinkle in his eye, you know.  Almost maniacal.

Luckily for me, that “evil twinkle” wound up being  him tying me down to the bed, putting my blindfold on, and asking me if “one” or “two” felt better or worse, turning the vibe part itself this way and that.  He tried putting it inside me, but it’s really too small to be much good there.  He tried putting the ring part around his tongue, but the ring is so slippery, it just slid off.

If you’re a lady and want to use this toy on your own, I’m happy to inform you that the vibrations in the bullet are powerful enough to get the job done and more.  You could even slip this little beauty in your purse.  It is so small, no one would know it was in there.  This would be a great little toy to travel with if you are the type who is clitorally orgasmic.  The cock ring part of the sonic ring kit can even be put over a dildo to add vibrations!  There’s really a lot you can do with this one.

When it comes time for you to do the sideways tango, I would like to be the first to say: Thanks a lot, both emphatically, and sarcastically, to Babeland.

*Thanks SO much for a product which gives my already girthy husband more girth.


*Thanks a ton for making that huge girthy erection last even LONGER.

Just teasing Babeland.  It’s always great to find a good quality cock ring, and this one is it.  The website says to be careful, because the toy can tear if you’re too rough with it.  Personally, we didn’t have a problem at all, and I’d say we were both pretty rough on this toy.  The ring itself we found to be a bit less stretchy than it said on the site.  We were not able to stretch it around his balls as well as his cock due to the fact that his penis is already pretty wide to begin with, as I mentioned. We also found that the vibe was just perfect for stimulating my clit while we played.

The Sonic Ring is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer.  Just wash with a mild soap and water.  We let ours air dry because the TPE would pick up bits of lint and cat hair when we tried to use a towel.

I asked Master what he would say HIS rating for this particular toy would be, and he gave it a resounding 4 paws:

He said that the reason why was simply because it was not big enough to put around his balls as well.  He still loves this ring though, and that was his only complaint.

Personally, I had to give the Sonic Ring Kit 5 paws.  As far as I am concerned, the ring kit stimulated me in all the right places, and I had a blast.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for giving me the opportunity to try out the Sonic Ring Kit in exchange for an honest and fair review. =^.^=

14 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Sonic Ring Kits, OH MY! ^^

  1. Ack, I’m going to have a wish list a mile long just by reading your blog. *laughs* My usual strategy of just avoiding all temptation isn’t working so well. 🙂
    You write really good reviews. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lada! 🙂 The reviews will keep coming, but I’m hoping to write some actual blogs when I’m less whiney. lol. =) I have one more toy to review, and a porn. Woot!

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