Omg, look! It’s a real blog! WOOT!

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No, wait!  It’s an actual blog post!  Yep, it’s true.  And if you’re reading this now, it means that my teeth are all better.  Or, better enough that I’m back at work, at least part time.

Right now, I’m just making clips for my clip site, but in a couple days I’ll be back to my normal live work.  Yay!  I gotta say, recovering from having two wisdom teeth out wasn’t fun, but I’m glad it’s over.  I’m just going to go ahead and not think about the fact that I have to have two more teeth out in June.  Right?  Right.  Ok.

This past weekend went well.  Saturday we had a ton of errands to do, as always.  I swear, if we could spend one Saturday not running around that would be the day!  Actually though, we used to run errands on Friday nights, but now Stargate is on Fridays – so Saturday it is.

Last week at some point we had a freak “mud storm”.  Master woke up and tweeted about it “raining mud”.  I didn’t see it, but the car wound up looking like this:

Bettie before.
Aaaannd, a SUPER close up. ^^
After! =)

Now, being a silly kitty, I thought it would be fun to hand wash the car.  Master got the top (I can’t reach the top!), and I did most of the bottom and sides.  Actually, we were going to do the whole car jointly (Master thought cleaning the car by hand would be fun too!), but Master accidentally locked the keys in the car.  For reals.  That meant we were locked out of both the car and the house.  Gotta love fun twists like that eh?  He ran down to the front desk and got us an emergency key to go get my keys out of the house.  All the while I worked on the car.  By the time Master got back, the car was shinier than ever:

It was really satisfying to get her all cleaned up ourselves.  We wound up going to the car wash anyway though, because the dust got stuck in crevices we couldn’t get clean.  Actually, after having the car professionally done, there’s STILL some dust in there, but it was a crazy storm.  What we really need is some rain.  Don’t think that’ll be happening any time soon though.

Last night Master and me got around to enjoying my new butt plug together.  It was fun, because up until we played with it last night we had not used it together.  He put it in me, and had me crawl around on the ground.  He kept remarking at how well he thought it was staying in:

“Wow, Kitty!  You really did test this thing.  It’s staying in great.”

Lol, gotta love Masters.  😛

Tonight we’re heading out to celebrate something special:  Master’s birthday!  He’s been wanting to see How to Train Your Dragon so that’s where we’re going.  Then, we’re heading out for some food.  I wonder what he’ll order for me.  (Silly people, why would I choose what I am going to eat!  That’s not for me to decide ^.~ )

Tomorrow Master’s working remotely because I need to be escorted to have a test done at the doctor’s.  Nothing serious, I swear!  We’re just checking to make sure I don’t have any cysts forming in my ovaries right now.

So, it’s after 5PM now, and I’m sure Master will be home soon.  Catch you all later.

Mew mew mew!

8 thoughts on “Omg, look! It’s a real blog! WOOT!

  1. I almost wish Master would pick out my food but we have dramatically different tastes and he really wants me to stop my disordered eating so I *have* to pick for myself. It bites. But it makes him happy when I eat so I do my best. 🙂
    I hope you have a great evening and Happy Birthday to your Master.

    Best wishes with the test. I hope for no pain and no cysts.

    1. Thanks Lada,

      Yeah – you know, I've had problems with Eating Disorders in the past, and I always found that it helped me immensely when Master chose for me what food he wanted me to eat. It just made me worry a lot less about if I'm eating too much, etc.. I couldn't be eating too much if that's the amount *Master* wanted me to eat. Hmm, I dunno. It's a hard thing to deal with though.


      Thanks for the birthday wishes, and well wishes with the test. Test didn't hurt at all, which was good, but no results yet. Hopefully soon.

  2. aww poor kitty!!! (even though it's a bit late lol haven't had time for internet) I know what you went through although i had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once! >.< I threw up on the way home and couldn't eat hardly anything even though i was starving. But I got to go privat hospital coz of a previous medical condition which gives me half price on all mouth related issues 🙂 hope all is okay now, i know it took me a while to recover with a swallen mouth that made everyone think i had cotton balls in there (my sis actually asked if i did lol) get better soon (if your not already) *^^*

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