3 Miles in under an hour.

Yesterday when Master got home, we ate dinner and went out for our daily walk.  I’m still getting back into walking, so I didn’t bother putting my knee braces on – figuring I would speed walk and not do any jogging at all.

I don’t know what got into Master and me, but we were really getting some shit out of our systems.  Not only did we jog a few times, but we made it past a mile and a half the first thirty minutes.  For us, that is totally unheard of.  We’re never that fast.  We were running up hills, jogging here and there, etc..  It was insane!  When we got back home, Master was lagging behind a bit (maybe 15 or 20 paces) because he hurt his back last week and couldn’t keep up with the jog..) and during the last minute, I jogged upstairs for the final countdown.  Insane.  Best, farthest, and totally awesomest walk we have done since moving here, which is kind of insane considering that we just got back to a full hour after having my wisdom teeth out.  Damn.  Go me.  When I was running, I felt like I was fucking flying.  I’ve never felt like that before.  I was so excited, you don’t even know.  Final mile count was something like 3.15 I don’t remember exactly.  It’s still a record.  Nice.

When we got home, we took our daily bath together (Omg, I still am in love with these tubs we have!), and then made mojitos for cinco de mayo.  Can’t turn down drinking on a drinking holiday, now can we?  It was just an insane day.  Awesome.

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