My Perfect Pet is a perfect little pet indeed!

My Perfect Pet by Heart 2 Heart is my newest toy.  The face looks like a seal to me and Master, so we decided to name her Celia.  Celia is 5.43″ long, with a slight curve at her head, and about 1.5″ wide.  She is made from silicone and ABS plastic, so cleanup is easy, just wash with mild soap and water, or a toy cleaner.  Because she is made from silicone, remember not to use a silicone lubricant on her, or else it will degrade the material.

At first glance, this toy just looks adorable!  With the cute textured seal face, and the “bling” on her bottom:

Photo Courtesy Of Babeland

I picked her up and turned her on, finding that she was quite powerful for such a petite toy.  She has four settings.  Setting one is a fairly strong constant buzz.  Setting two is a series of short fast strong bursts.  Setting three is a series of faster bursts, and setting four is a long high buzz followed by a few short bursts.

Unfortunately, I cannot insert this toy.  Master and me have both tried with additional lube, but my vagina just does not want to accept this beefcake of a toy.  It may look tiny, but its head is a bit big, add to that the curve in the “neck” area, and it just wouldn’t fit.  I’m not going to dock the toy points for that though – after all, that’s an anatomy problem, not something wrong with the toy itself.  Plus, Master and me are looking at it as a challenge!  It gives us something to work up to.  ^^

Clitorally though, this toy is perfect for me.  The vibrations are strong and yet surprisingly quiet.  If you shut your bedroom door, you’re not likely to hear the toy from outside the room, which is great news!

Celia’s battery section is pretty cool too.  Instead of just dropping the batteries inside the toy, there’s a really neat slide out tray.  I thought that was a pretty cool function.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with the My Perfect Pet from Babeland.  I’m giving it 5 stars:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review. <3



This toy was an absolutely excellent gem.  I loved having it, and it was in my top three vibrators for the whole time that I had it!  Sadly, this morning, 10/29/2012, I had to throw her out.  I replaced the batteries three times with batteries which were fresh from the package, and she just stopped working.  Still, for the inexpensive price tag, she sure lasted me quite a long time!

15 thoughts on “My Perfect Pet is a perfect little pet indeed!

  1. I love that little tray for the batteries too! And we had the same “problem” with insertion. I’m thinking it’s that curve, it’s at just the “right” angle that makes insertion nigh impossible. D lubed her up good and pretty much shoved her in (LOL!!) but she ended up being so snug that I couldn’t feel the vibes, they just all got absorbed by my rather thick outer labia. LOVE her for clitoral tho!

    1. Yeah, know exactly what you mean. We tried the “shove” technique (lol!) but it just hurt like hell.. >.< Loving her for clitoral too. It's a good thing she's powerful! ^^

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