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Morning everyone!  I can’t believe the weekend is over, but I also can’t wait for next weekend to begin.  Woo hoo. 😉  Lessee, last friday Master brought me to Plato’s Closet to spend my wisdom tooth money that his mom sent me to help me feel better.  Well, not sure a new shirt and heels helps me feel better, but I’m not going to fight it either.  In the above picture I’m wearing my new shirt, and my new clear heels.

To me, clear heels are just the epitome of slutty.  I’ve been dying for a pair, but I’m a really weird size shoe so cool shoes are hard to come by for me.  I saw these, tried them on in the store, and snatched ’em up.  Rock on slutty clear heels.  They’re stilettos, too, and I’m having a much easier time walking in them than my other heels.  Maybe I’ll use these for my stiletto heel test.

Nothing too amazing happened on Saturday.  We went for a four mile walk, the weekends we go for endurance, not for time.  We took our time and just explored.  We were gone for about an hour and a half.  Seriously, in that hour and a half, I managed to get burned despite rubbing copious amounts of sunblock everywhere.  Even my scalp got burned.  >.<  Lame!  We decided that maybe we shouldn’t have gone for our walk around noon.  Although, it was only about 60 degrees out, so we couldn’t believe I managed to get burned.  Now Master is making me wear this ugly hat that covers your neck when we go out in the sun.  I’ll post a pic later I’m sure.

Sunday Master decided I should stay home while my burn heals, and do my workout indoors.  I was jealous of Master going for our endurance walk alone though, so I begged him to let me go check the mail with him (He likes it when I beg!).  He agreed, and when we got to the mail, we decided (why not) to check on the pool again.  When we got to the pool, we noticed there was a little kid swimming in it.  We both looked right at each other, and dashed to the office inside to find out if the pool was open.  It was!  Master decided to throw the rule about me not going out in the sun yesterday away, and we slathered me in tons of sun block again.  This was the result:

If you look close you can see the imprint of my collar, as well as the O ring attached to my collar.  Lol!  >.<  Not that I enjoy getting burnt, but this was just too frigging funny!  We had a lot of fun in the pool though.  We brought my pool noodle and swam laps, and he gave me “horsey” rides, and “train” rides around the pool.  We’re going back tonight, but it’ll be after 6PM, so the sun will be less strong then.

Master and me also had a lot of fun last night while we were watching Harry Potter.  We’ve been trying to watch Harry Potter all weekend, but something keeps interrupting us.  Last night I was practicing my splits, and he just jumped on me.  He he.  No complaints!  We got to test out my new pink nipple clamps with bells and beads hanging off of them.  So cute!  Love ’em.  Master loves them too, especially the “tinkle tinkle tinkle” they make when he fucks me.  Mmmm.  Ah, I bet we’ll finish Harry Potter sooner or later.  lol.

Mew mew mew!

8 thoughts on “Clear heels

  1. I've read that the sun is at its worse between 12pm and 2pm, so you might try avoiding it during those hours. Sorry you got burnt, but yeah, it is kind of funny that you now have two collars LOL

    I've never really thought of clear high heels as slutty, but they do look good on you (take that how you will 😉 )

    1. Thanks Maverick! Yeah, we're going to avoid the sun during those times for sure. I think we were just thrown off because of how cool it was outside. Not hot at all! 🙂

      Oh, the clear heel thing – it's because Strippers favor clear heels. :)) Heh, hence the sluttiness. lol. Ah, well. Thanks for the compliment though!

    1. Thanks Lada. Yup, I totally found out while combing my hair, plus, there's a bright red line alone my scalp near my forehead. D'oh! Lol, ah, well.

      1. Ouch, then again how else would you find out?
        At least you don't have a blind bf who thinks the bubbles & crust feel neat so he has to pat you on the burnt head repeatedly. A really was a sweetie tho.

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