Birthday Weekend Mayhem! ^^

Happy Happy Birthday to… ME!  Lmao. ^^  My birthday was last Friday, and we did a lot of fun stuff this weekend.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday was my official birthday.  Master had to work, but he told me to take the day off not only work, but chores, and just relax and do whatever I wanted.  He had made me a mojito the night before, which I heartily enjoyed that morning.  I was just relaxing, playing some Viva Pinata, etc, and Master called called me on his lunch break.  He wished me a Happy Birthday and told me he would be by soon with some crispy spring rolls for me!  I felt so lucky.  He almost never comes home on his lunch break.  He came by, brought me not one, but two orders of spring rolls, we had a super quickie, he made me another mojito super fast, and then went back to work.  It was definitely awesome.

We had planned to do our birthday celebrating on Saturday, but Master got paid a day earlier than we thought, so we went out for some minor shenanigans that night.  He took me to Plato’s Closet, and I got two more Harry Potter books (which means I only need two more to complete my collection now, and cross another thing off my day zero project list! ^^), and I also got a mini dress, and three tops.  Love them all.  Then, we went to Best Buy and I got to pick out whatever I wanted.  I have all the video games I want right now, so I went to the DVD section, and I got: Krod Mandoon, My Neighbor Totoro (we used to have a VHS of Totoro, but we got rid of all our VHS), and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (I love Kung Fu movies!).

After that Master took me to the mall, and got me a fruit smoothie while he looked around for a new bathing suit for me.  Frustratingly, we didn’t find anything because the only suits we saw were bikinis.  I don’t wear bikinis, but even if I did, I wouldn’t wear them when I am trying to do laps in the pool.  Not with these tits anyway!  We were kind of surprised that no one had any one pieces.  ::shrugs::  Oh, well.

When we left the mall, we went to Whole Foods to pick up some cheese for dinner that night.  They were all out of my cheese (Daiya), and we had to come up with plan B.  I wound up getting a tofu and rice noodle bowl.  It was really tasty!  We went home and watched the new episode of Stargate.  Awesome.


Saturday morning, I was in the bathtub when I heard the phone ring.  Like I said, I was in the bathtub though, so I didn’t bother to get out.  I don’t jump out of the shower or tub to answer the phone.  Whoever is calling me can surely wait until after I have gotten clean and dried myself off.  That’s what I keep reasoning, anyway.  So, I’m shaving away, when Master gets up about fifteen minutes later.  After a few minutes, he tells me that my Mom is calling him on his cell phone.  Confused, I (still stubbornly) decided to wait until I was done shaving, and got out of the tub to call my Mom back.  The second I called her back she just started screaming:

“Where the Hell have you been?!”

And other things like that.  I was calm, answered I was in the tub, and figured she could wait till I called her back because I talked to her yesterday.  She went on and on about how my brother called me ten times the night before, and everyone was worried something happened to me.  Excuse me?

What bothers me is that, my brother did call me.  He called me twice – in a row.  We were at the checkout at the grocery store, and decided to call back when we got home.  By the time we got home it was late, (about 11PM his time), and we decided to call him back in the morning.  I know he was only calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he called, but I don’t see any good reason to make up lies about calling (ten times?!) and then act like I’m either avoiding him or else something horrible must have happened.  Why is it that no one took the time to think that maybe, just maybe, I was out celebrating my birthday (since it was my birthday).  Sheesh!  Well, my mother told me that I had better call him immediately because he was worried sick.  So, I did.  He didn’t even pick up, and didn’t even call until we were out at the pool.  We didn’t have our phone at the pool though, so I am willing to bet I’m going to get more angry calls.  How ridiculous.

About an hour after I hung up with my mom, my Aunt called.  She wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday, but mentioned she didn’t want to call me on my birthday because she figured I would be out.  (Omg!  How are my mom and my aunt sisters?!  Lmao!)

/End Drama

After I hung up with my Aunt, I finished my breakfast, and Master and me got ready for the day!  Our first stop was a Farmer’s Market.  I seriously don’t think I know anyone who is as excited as me to go to a Farmer’s Market, especially on my birthday!  It was really small because the season is just starting up.  We got Master some chicken from a local farm, and nothing for me.  There was only one produce vendor, and he only had about six items, and none of them were things I needed.  Ah, well.  I can’t wait for the Farmer’s Market to really get going.  Probably in a couple more weeks.

After the Farmer’s Market, we decided to do a couple errands.  Holy crap we had a bunch of stuff to get.  After we got the groceries, Master and me were eating lunch at home when he mentioned that we had enough money in the account to get some of the furniture we need for the front room.  Excited, we both decided to go after we finished eating lunch.  We wound up getting a DVD rack (which is holding all our video games for the moment), and a TV stand.  The TV stand is so perfect!  I can’t figure out what I did with the camera this morning, but when I find it, I have some pictures to post.

After we bought the furniture, we drove straight to Water Course Foods, since we had a reservation there for dinner.  It’s my favorite restaurant, and I had been looking forward to it all week.  We always get the Frings as an appetizer (basket of half fries and half onion rings), and we also got a pot of tangerine green tea.  Master got the Country Fried Seitan Steak, and I got a pasta dish which was soo tasty.  I wish I had remembered to take some pictures there, I think Master got one or two up on his Flikr.  It’s just so fun for me to go there, because normally I have to choose from two or three things on the menu, and it’s generally french fries or a side salad.  I love being able to go someplace where the food is not only tasty as heck, but there is so much variety for me.

After we were through eating dinner, we headed back home to set up our new furniture.  Master did what he refers to as “Master work” (things that men should do), and I did the “kitty work” (the easy stuff).  So, I set about getting the stuff we bought put away, doing laundry, dishes, etc, and Master hammered and nailed things together to make them look pretty.  When he was done the front room looked totally different!  I cannot wait to show you pictures.  There’s so much more room in it now, and it’s just waay better.

Sunday was more errands.  Somehow there was a bunch of stuff we managed to forget at the store, so we went back, got a few more little things for the house, and then went home again.  We had to wait until after 2PM to go in the pool, and then we had lots of fun splashing around and swimming.  I will say that there were a lot of people behaving poorly at the pool, which sucked, but all in all, it was fun.   And with that, my birthday weekend was over!  I had a lot of fun though, and I am so grateful to Master for making it special for me.


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  1. Awww, so glad you had such a great time, even with a little bit of drama. But then, drama helps us better appreciate the good stuff, right? 😉

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