Coconut! ^^

This is going to sound really silly, but, Master and me keep a coconut around the house at all times.  We usually put a Halloween mask on it, and call it the “Masked Avenger”.  Yeah, we’re really silly.  Well, on Sunday we bought a coconut, and it had so much water in it that I couldn’t resist playing with it on the floor and acting like a kitty trying to get at the coconut water.  This didn’t last for long before Master got a nail, drove it into the coconut, then put a straw in for me to drink the water.  I drank the water, then he bashed the coconut open over the sink.  Let me just say –  watching him beat the tar out of the coconut for me to eat the tasty nibblins inside it, well, that was just hot as hell.

He decided to shoot the picture you see above, and yeah, I’m still wearing that hat. 🙁  We haven’t got a new cute hat yet, so I’m stuck with this one at the pool. Lame!

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