Lately, I’m surprised at the amount of people searching for “Faete model mayhem” to get to my blog.  Wowza, there’s seriously a TON of clicks from that search term alone.

I just want to put it out there yet again that I’m not a professional model by any means.  My model mayhem profile is where I go to find photographers, but it is just a hobby for me.  You won’t be able to find my model mayhem profile by typing in my first name either.  It’s under a totally completely different handle than any of my other accounts on any other website.  I take few paid gigs and the paid work I do I’d link you to.  If you want to see me perform nude or you want to buy my amateur porn you should just peruse my clip sites or hire me for a custom clip.

If you guys are just looking for my bondage pics, I promise there’s nothing on there that I don’t already share with you here. 😉  Thanks a ton!

/End weird announcement

3 thoughts on “FYI-

    1. LOL! You know, I’m still not sure why people are trying so hard to get there. There isn’t anything on there that I don’t share on my blog or other places. *Shrug* Lol, silly people. ;))

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