Menstruation. On the Rag. Aunt Flo. Yeah, We’re Going There.

Welcome to the “ickiest” post I’ve yet to make.  Feel free to duck out now if you don’t want to read about that monthly cycle we all know and love.  Giving you three seconds to get out before you have no excuse to complain.










Alright!  Everyone who is squeemed out by the idea of menses should be gone now, and we can get right to it.  This morning, I woke up with my period.  Yet again, I realized this is something I’m not supposed to talk about.  It’s supposed to be all “hush hush” and secret.  Keep it to yourself!  Nope.  I’m not going to.  Today I wanna talk about menstruation.

The first thing that is really annoying to me about my period, is that mine isn’t regular.  Due to the fact that I have PCOS, my periods are all over the place.  I never know if they will last three days or one week.  They are never on “time”.  For example, I am getting my period this month about five days sooner than I got it last month.  Sometimes I’ll go six weeks with no period, sometimes two weeks.  Having no clue when it will disrupt my life is a pain in the ass for sure.

For me, my schedule changes greatly the second I get my period.  I do not (in general) work in adult chatrooms until my period is gone.  I can, and have in the past, if something comes up and we need extra money or something.  But working with a tampon in (or many of the other un-fun ways to work in an adult chat room and not show that you’re on your period since decency laws do not permit it) is just not really comfortable or fun, so I don’t.  There are two non-adult web sites I work in for maybe two or three hours a day, and that’s that.  Truth be told non-adult chat sites are a heck of a lot less busy, thus they don’t pay much.

Outside of work, there is usually at least one day that I just plain stay in bed curled up in a ball.  I usually don’t even want to watch TV or anything because I’m in too much pain.  Master is NOT a fan of period sex.  We still have it, yes, but it tends to be shower or bath tub sex so as to be easy to clean up.  If I’m just starting or just ending and therefore only spotting, we’re usually just put a towel down.

Master also gives me a special assignment during my periods.  That is, I’m supposed to masturbate to orgasm as many times as I possibly can during my period, especially when he is not home.  This serves two purposes:  1- Orgasms make your period go a LITTLE bit faster, thus ending your period a bit sooner than usual, and 2- Orgasms helps reduce menstrual cramps.

What I am wondering is, those of you out there who are female, or who are in a relationship with a female, how does menstruation change things for you?  Do you have any special menstruation rules?  Inquiring minds. 😉

18 thoughts on “Menstruation. On the Rag. Aunt Flo. Yeah, We’re Going There.

  1. Considering that, at best, I get mine about once ever six months, I'm never used to the idea of bleeding for a week or more (or less, depends on what my body is deciding to do to me) it doesn't really change anything because I usually just forget about it.
    I don't really cramp (no warning signs for it either, which is annoying) and all it really does is make me go into the bathroom a lot more to clean up and such because my flow can change at a moment's notice, so I tend to make messes. Oh, and I also sleep naked and run around naked a lot, that obviously changes when I am on my period. Which kinda sucks. Teehee.
    I didn't know about the orgasming, I may have to take a bath later and do that. Because I get really horny during my period, but it's always squicks me out to masturbate apart from rubbing through clothes while I'm on my period. And I refuse to have sex while I'm on the rag because I'm ALWAYS so self conscious. There's no way I could have sex while I know I'm bleeding all over him.
    The couple times that I've masturbated not knowing I was on my period (I started at night and it was dark and I was in bed) was, oddly, really hot.

      1. I love when your bleeding. It’s lovely to want to cry wearing panties when your bleeding. Which I love when your bleeding, is that I love too see you in your panties and you see me in my boxer briefs. If you merrilly bleed into your panties and are at the verge to cry, you can also merrilly bleed into my boxer briefs.

    1. I love when you have your period. It’s lovely to want to cry wearing panties when you have your period. Which I love when you have your period, is that I love too see you in your panties and you see me in my boxer briefs.

  2. I was put on a med that *finally* stopped my periods about two years ago. Now I'll only get one if I run out of the pills for three days.

    When we first got together my periods weren't a big problem. Sex would often start my period oddly enough. It would last 7-10 days and things would go back to normal. Sometimes he's give me an orgasm when circumstance and his hands allowed. That would help my cramps. Master doesn't like period sex but will do manual stim through fabric and enjoys knowing he's helping me be more comfortable. Getting the 'oh, I started your period' surprise wasn't fun for him but it wasn't bad enough that he stopped having sex with me. I tried to track my cycles but I was too irregular for it to always work.

    I gradually got to the point where I couldn't even stand up during my periods. Ice packs were the only things that helped the pain. So I was supposed to stay in bed or on the sofa and ask for ice packs when I needed them, for food and drink, and help going to the bathroom. (Narcotics didn't do a thing.) I was too weak for any sexual activity even tho it did help. Once I got my Mirena sex got even more painful so 2x a year was plenty.
    The only other thing I was supposed to do was make sure I kept my pads soaking to keep the smell down and put them in the washing machine myself when it was time to do darks.

    1. Ah, I use fabric too! So I hand wash all my pads myself. I usually put them in the washing machine *after* I have washed them thoroughly by hand.

      Sometimes sex starts my period up too! But then, so does a strong orgasm with toys.

  3. Aww, I'm sorry kitty, that sucks you have to go through all that 🙁 And can't even predict when your next one will be? Lame. *hug* I hope it passes pretty quickly for you.

    Huh, I did not know that about orgasams and menstrual cycles. Makes sense when you think about it. I'm almost tempted to mention the next time one of my friends complains about her period to see how she reacts to me knowing that now 😉

    1. Thanks Maverick, it's cool I guess. Can't change it. I guess I was just wondering what other BDSM players use for protocals at this time. ^^

      Yeah, the orgasms thing is pretty cool, huh? If you tell one of your friends, you GOTTA tell me the reaction! 😉

  4. Mine tend to be fairly regular. every few months my body will decide it wants a break and NOT have one till 2 weeks later, or get a wild hair and figure I deserve one 2 weeks after I’ve ended my last. I think that has more to do with my age now though. 🙁 I don’t much like the mess, but my husband has never really minded…no messier than when I’m not bleeding. (Yes, I get THAT messy regularly.) It bothers me more than him I think. I don’t like the odor…not bad odor but very strong, and, yes, I’m lazy in the bathroom. I wanna be in and out quick as I can so the clean up really sucks (LOL). And the amount of money we gotta spend…oh! Don’t get me started on that. When I flow light I use these disks called Instead and they seem to help with the mess factor. Never really masturbated during, though my sex drive seems to sky rocket the first 2 or 3 days. Knowing my family’s history though, hopefully I won’t have to deal with it much longer 😉

  5. Master will go for period sex if I let him lol. Which is not very often. However I am on the pill so I skip 2months then I have one and he never ever gets sex when I’m on it for the first 3 days which are the most painfull. Generally speaking though no sex while on period (I simply don’t like it) unless one of us has been sick or something and we haven’t had sex for a while… But he likes waiting coz he knows it will be ten times better, he does that even when I don’t have it hehe (fustration building we call it)

    1. Yeah, I don’t *love* the feel of sex during my period. Actually, I’m not much of a fan of it at all. I DO love being a “hole” for Master during that time though. It makes me feel slutty and used. Mmmm.

  6. Have you looked into menstrual cups? I used to be on the pill for severe cramping, nausea, diarrhea, and heavy/long flow. I started using a cup, and now I only get light cramps and my periods last 5 days instead of 9-11. Other women have had similar experiences. You could cam without a string hanging out, too. Seriously, I could just go on and on and on about the advantages. Much better for the environment, safer for you, infinitely cheaper, NO LEAKS NO LEAKS NO LEAKS! There’s a learning curve – it took me three months to really get the hang of it – but it was so very, very worth it.

    And by the way, I think it’s silly that there’s this idea out there that we shouldn’t talk about periods. Nearly all women have them. They’re normal. They’re annoying, they’re inconvenient, they’re a fact of life. So there. I talk openly with my female friends, and I sometimes even talk openly with male friends. You’d be surprised how many people really don’t mind!

    If you have any Q’s about menstrual cups or just wanna chat, you can find me on FetLife as LilGreenPuffer.

    1. Hey! =^^=

      I’ve heard about menstrual cups, and even tried them before. Unfortunately, I have a tilted uterus, so they won’t work for me. It’s a bummer, I’ve heard if you have the right anatomy they are awesome.

      I actually use cloth menstrual pads. I hate tampons. >.<

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