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Fifteen months ago, I decided to go vegan, for personal reasons (which I won’t get into here).  Since becoming vegan, lube has been one of the last things on my list to worry about, mainly because I’m a very wet chick and don’t tend to need much lube unless we’re doing anal play.  Needless to say, I’ve still got one and a half bottles of non-vegan lube I’m trying to go through.  What on EARTH would make me want to try a new lube?  Simple.  Vegan lube is hard to come by, and while there are a few in existence, I’m going to need some sooner or later.  That’s when Babeland stepped up to the plate to let me try out Sliquid Swirl in their Green Apple Tart flavor.

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The bottle comes in one size: 4.2 ounces and fit comfortably in my hand.  It was easy to squeeze, and had a flip open type lid.  The smell is lovely.  It smells exactly like a sour apple lollipop and it tastes about the same.  This is much more of a sugary candy-ish taste, not like the taste of biting into a fresh apple to be clear.  The consistency of this lube was pretty in the middle compared to most other lubes I’ve tried.  Not very thick, but not thin either.  The lube isn’t likely to run on you, but it wasn’t thick enough for anal play for me.  Luckily this lube is water based, so you can use it on any toy you like without fear of melting down your toy.

In case you can’t easily see the ingredients listed in the picture, here’s a brief rundown:   Purified water, plant cellulose, polyquat007, green apple flavoring, aspartame, DMDM hydantoin (100% vegan!).  You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy this lube though, if you’ve had problems with glycerine in the past, or even if you’re just trying to avoid unnecessary chemicals this lube is excellent.

Due to the fact that this lube not only smells like green apple, but it tastes like green apple, you would think this would be an excellent product for someone who doesn’t like the smells and tastes associated with oral sex.  Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.  We found that when this lube was applied to your “bits” it winds up tasting sour as opposed to apple like.  It didn’t matter how much I applied.  On my fingers, it tastes like a delicious green apple, but applied to my pussy or his cock it tastes like sour mayhem.  I personally love the taste of cock AND pussy, so when it turned our private bits into a sour disappointment, I was annoyed.  The actual flavor itself reminded me of Bitrex.  For those of you who have never heard of Bitrex, it is a nail polish that you apply so that you won’t put your fingers anywhere near your mouth (and thus, help prevent you from biting your nails).  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like the idea of being actively discouraged from tasting my partner’s parts.  Nope.

All in all, I found this lube to be fun and long lasting vaginally, but a bit too thin for anal use.  I also wouldn’t use it during oral sex.  This lube is definitely going to be top of my list really soon though.  Now I just need to have enough anal sex to use up all my old lubes.  *Cough* ^.~

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Thank you so much, Babeland, for giving me the opportunity to try out this product in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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  1. Good review. I’m about to need new lube since I’m almost out of the hemp based stuff I have. Looks like I might try one of their unflavored types.

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