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Every week, I get at least three boxes of toys that I’m either lucky enough to review, or won in a contest.  Lucky kitty that I am, Master Pravus was starting to get jealous of all the wonderful toys I’ve been getting.  That’s when the fabulous Babeland Fairy arrived with a Tenga Egg penis sleeve for him!  Here is a toy that I was jealous of.  Well, until I found some ways to steal it and use it anyway.  More on those later.  <3

The Tenga Egg is a penis sleeve which comes in six different styles: silky, stepper, twister, spider, clicker and wavy.  We were lucky enough to have the chance to try out the wavy style.  Ooh boy, you are going to love this!  At least, we did.  Your new sleeve arrives in a cute plastic egg, the same type that the magic Easter bunny may also leave at your house once per year. (This would be a great Easter basket stuffer for that sexy man in your life!)  It’s got a plastic sleeve on it that you simply peel off, then crack your egg for instant sex toy!

This is the lube that comes with the egg.  Honestly, we have no idea what the lube ingredients were, since they are written in Japanese.  The lube is really thick though, and Master Pravus said it felt great, and he loved it.  It stayed really wet and worked well with the egg.

The first thing I noticed upon opening this, is how SOFT and stretchy it is.  You really don’t understand, could not possibly understand, just how soft this is.  I’ve seen bloggers mention the softness before, but I was blown away when it arrived!  I could not stop touching it, truly, this little egg is a soft boiled delight!

This is what the “egg” looks like, when it is on your penis with the textured side turned “in”.  I must admit, this was Master Pravus’ first time using a sleeve, and he has never had a masturbator either.  He was a bit apprehensive looking at the egg.  It didn’t look like it was anything special, and while he too enjoyed the softness, he definitely was a bit disinterested at first.

Master Pravus’ first experience with the egg, was an experience with me using it on him.  Wow!  What a relief this toy was for us both.  I’m never one to rush Master Pravus’ orgasms, on the contrary, we’re both always trying to make the pleasure last as long as we can!  One major problem I have always had though, is that Master Pravus doesn’t usually cum easily with a hand job, or even just masturbating.  The amount of speed he needs leaves us both grabbing our arms with muscle cramps, so we typically just leave the hand jobs out and he uses one of my holes instead.  This toy was a breath of fresh air for hand jobs!  The soft TPE egg just felt so good to his cock in fact, I think he came in record time!  We were both amazed, and he is already looking forward to me buying him the six pack!

This toy would really be great for someone who travels a lot of needs some discretion if they live with roommates.  You can just throw your egg in your suitcase or dresser drawer, it’s really tiny and compact and perfect for hiding.

Jealous of his new super soft toy, I set out upon a quest to figure out how to make this toy go to work for me.  That’s when I got the idea to use it for clitoral stimulation.  I slid my fingers inside the egg (see above picture) and used the super soft toy to rub against my clit.  I loved it!  I wanted more, so I put the toy on Celia (a favorite vibrator of mine), and found that it felt great on a clit vibrator as well.  This got me really excited and, going back to the Babeland site to see what the toy was made out of I noticed the suggestion to use it as a textured Hitachi cover!  Oh my, now I am in love!

I generally find my Hitachi just a bit too strong to take, but putting the egg on top (I put mine with the texture facing out, but you could do either way) made it a much friendlier vibe.  I am in LOVE.  The Tenga Egg really does have a million and one uses!  🙂

When I asked Master Pravus about his favorite parts of the toy, he said he loved how it is a lot less messy than your usual hand job.  The ejaculate just goes right in the egg, and you can easily clean it or throw it away.  You can use mild soap and water on your new egg, but be warned:  this is not a good toy to share.  TPE cannot be sterilized.  Another thing you should be aware of with the Tenga Egg is that it is a bit fragile.  Master Pravus has used it twice himself, but the top of the egg now looks like it is thinning a bit from all the “thrusting” into it.  I suggest that when your egg starts to thin that you either replace it or designate it as a Hitachi textured topper.  One thing Master Pravus did mention is that he is worried now about it breaking during use.  Neither of us think that would feel too pleasant.

Because of its many uses, plus the fact that it really makes hand jobs (for us) much more pleasant, AND because Master Pravus is so excited about buying all the textures – we’re giving the Tenga Egg 5 paws.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to try out the Tenga Egg in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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  1. Damn- another thing to add to my mile-long toy wishlist, haha! Excellent review- I wonder if there’s an actual Hitachi head with the similar waves and such because it looks quite yummy form where I’m sitting! Glad you and Master had a lot of fun.

    xx MM

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