The Ultra Lame Laya Spot


The Laya Spot by Fun Factory is a petite and cute vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation.  I wanted to try it out because one of the main features of this toy is that it is designed to lay on the mons pubis, and you are supposed to be able to use it during sex as well.  For me, this toy was a big miss.

The Laya Spot comes well packaged in a small little box with an additional packet of lube.  I will be honest and say that I did not try the lube because it isn’t vegan, but I gave it to a friend so it wasn’t wasted.

Once I got my Laya Spot open, I ran around the house looking for AAA batteries, because it doesn’t come with them.  I had a really hard time convincing the batteries to go in the first time but once I got them in, I was golden.  There are two buttons on the Laya Spot.  To get the toy to turn on, just hold down the + sign until it does.  It starts out at a barely noticeable rumble, but increases to about a 2.5 in vibrations.  Continue holding down the button, and the toy will cycle through three fun and distinct vibration modes!  Cool!  To turn the toy off, just hold down the – sign.  It is a fairly quiet toy.  If you have your door shut with the toy under covers, I don’t think it would be heard through the other side.

The Laya Spot is made from Elastomer and hard plastic, and is supposedly splash-proof.  I don’t think it is splash-proof though.  It could just be the one I received, but the battery cap does not close flush up against the toy.  There was a fairly big gap, so I made an effort to make sure that no water got near the cap.

When it came to using this toy on its own, I was pretty happy with it!  The Laya Spot is perfect for clitoral stimulation, and if you’re clitorally orgasmic and using this toy on your own, I think you’ll love it!  Master Pravus used it on me a couple times when I was tied up, and balanced it on my mons pubis with great results!  It was perfectly designed to stay up well, and we were both very pleased.  When it came time to use the toy with a partner during sex, let me be the first to say:  OUCH!  The Laya Spot is made with mainly hard materials, so while we had high hopes for balancing it between us during sex, it was just too painful, and we couldn’t use it that way.

The thing that really bothers me the most with this toy, is its battery life.  We put four different sets of AAA batteries in it, on four different days, and each and every time we came back to try the toy later, the charge had completely gone from the batteries!  You could always store your batteries separate from the toy, but in the heat of the moment, who wants to have to fumble around with the battery compartment?  This was a MAJOR disappointment to us both, so the Laya Spot isn’t likely to get a whole lot of use from either of us, sadly.

All in all, I think the Laya Spot has great potential as a clitoral toy, but the battery issue was a big problem for us.  Couple this with the battery cap not staying on properly, and we’re giving the Laya Spot 2 paws:

Thank you Babeland, for giving us the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

21 thoughts on “The Ultra Lame Laya Spot

  1. Well, thanks. The less than stellar reviews are as appreciated as the glowingly recommended ones. Now, I’m anxiously waiting on the Lavish Nipple Clamps review!!

  2. Thanks for that one- I was really wondering about that one because it seems to be on every sex toy website ever but I wasn’t sure about it. Sex toys that aren’t designed to hurt are not supposed to hurt. Keep those great reviews coming!

    xx MM

  3. Interesting. I’ve tried the Laya Spot but haven’t yet reviewed it because it ate up the battery charge so quickly that I switched to another toy rather than change batteries at the moment. Plus I agree that it’s hard. I’ll give it another try with fresh batteries.

    1. Yeah, I wanted to like it.. But the whole batter y charge thing is a MAJOR buzz kill for me, among other things. Can’t all be winners, I guess.

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