What a weekend! ^^

This past weekend went very well for both Master and me on many accounts.  Lots of fucking, playing, and fun.  Plus my new Lego Harry Potter game arrived, so I got the chance to play it while Master worked on, an, um..  eViL pLAn.  *Rubs hands together evily*  I can’t say anything about it, not yet – but something cool is coming.

Saturday we spend quite a bit of time at the pool, which was fun as always, but I managed to get yet another scalp burn.  Anyway, because of this Master sort of decided that I can’t go out in the sun during the day for long periods anymore.  We tried.  We used extra extra sunblock, I even got a sun blocking swim suit for me to wear, but all these burns really aren’t worth it.  So that is that.

Sunday, Master went down to the pool alone to do some laps in the day time, while I stayed indoors.  Boo.  I really wished I was there with him, but there’s nothing to be done about that.  Anyway, all the people at the pool missed me when they saw Master without me!  They were all asking where I was because they never see us unless we’re together.  I thought that was very sweet, and Master told me that they all wanted me to come by later, when the sun was on its way down.  We were planning on it anyway, so we did!

Well, we showed up, and as usual everyone was drunk as a skunk.  Heh.  They drink beer all day long, so by the time we got down there, around 6PM they were all pretty buzzed.  The first thing I hear when people see me is:

“Hey!  Where are my sex toys?”  and also: “Hey!  Did you bring my porn?”  *Clears throat.*  Oh my!  We had told one of the women that I am a web cam girl, but that I also review sex toys and now everyone knows.  I didn’t tell her to keep it a secret or anything like that, I was just surprised by how enthusiastic everyone was.  There are always children at the pool, so it isn’t something I typically talk about.  Even if there were NO children I still would be leery to discuss what I do with anyone until after I get to know people.  You never know how someone will react, and we need to share the pool area with these people after all.

Anyway, everyone was really supporting and encouraging (drunk too!  Oh, and did I mention drunk!).  I got so many drunk hugs that day.  Well, Master and me jumped in the pool for a bit and then settled down on some chairs with our towels to dry off, when out of nowhere one of the women “S” comes over and said:  Just because I know you’ll love this”, then she climbed on top of me and started humping me and rubbing her tits in my face.  I was not unpleased.  ^^  I had quite a few of the men folk looking at me and WISHING it was them.  You could see it in their eyes.

A bit later, we walked over to where they were all talking, and “S” told me to “Get over here, I wanna spank your ass”.  I looked at Master, and asked if it was OK, and S looked at me and told me she already asked, and I better get my submissive ass over there.  Ha!  I went over there, and got four mediocre swats to my ass.  Because she was drunk, and NOT Master, I threw some cheek out there and said “Ooh, I’m pretty sure my grandma was just spanking me”.  She laughed, and said she’d get me good later (but also mentioned that her hand hurt!).  Ha ha, and no, she never did get around to getting me good later.

I also got my tits fondled, a picture having my face licked (which I can’t show here, sorry guys!), and a cold beer rubbed all over my back.  I feel like the community pool bitch!  LMAO.  <3

8 thoughts on “What a weekend! ^^

  1. Oh my, your becoming quite the popular kitty LOL

    Sucks about the burns though. Did that scalp sunscreen arrive yet? Probably won’t protect you as much as you like, but it at least might allow you to venture out during the day for bits at a time.

    1. Not yet, still waiting for a large box from Amazon with that and a few other things we ordered. I’m thinking we’ll still go for little 30-40 minute pool runs, but just no more all day affairs. It was an awesome find on your part!

  2. I don’t know why, but Aerosmith’s Walk This Way comes to mind with a twist… “Hey diddle diddle, put your kitty in the middle, and ____ like you didn’t care” 😉 Sounds like you got an extra special treat! <3

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