Today Master has left for work as usual, but I probably won’t be seeing him until tomorrow night.  He has an upgrade at work, that needs to be done at 3AM but I guess there are still issues that need to be resolved before they get to that point.  They have told everyone that if the issues get resolved during the day, then they can all go home from whenever the issues are resolved until 9PM.  Then, they are expected not only to work through the upgrade but until their normal time tomorrow (5 or 6PM).  Then they are likely going to need to go to work this weekend too. 

This just doesn’t seem right to me.  Not the fact that Master has to work later than normal, that’s fine – I’ve had to work overtime at other jobs before too.  More the fact that they aren’t going to get any sleep for likely 48 hours.  His work mentioned they are hoping to release them around 3PM, which means they will have six hours to go home and sleep.   No offense to his place of work, but how many people do you know who can sleep in the middle of the day on a whim like that?  Anyway, I think he is getting a raw deal, even if they throw in a comp day.  I mean, yes, I am concerned and unhappy about being alone to sleep tonight – but my main concern is Master.  I don’t know how he will manage.

I’ve been thinking a lot about winter time lately.  The cold does not keep me indoors like the sun does.  I keep missing the fuzzy warm feelings of being inside under a blanket with Master, snuggled up watching movies or drinking cocoa and watching him game.  In the summer, Master is usually just too hot and sweaty – which is not a problem for me, but he doesn’t like being snuggled as much.  I’ve been rebelling slightly by snuggling up to him in the dead of night.  Luckily, he has yet to complain.  <3

The cats are fighting much more than usual this morning.  I love them, but sometimes..  Sigh

Yesterday was my eldest brother’s birthday.  I honestly couldn’t tell you how old exactly he turned.  Sort of a curse of mine.  I can remember the birthdates really well, but the ages..  Those always slip.  So far people have never complained.  They would rather I remember the day (and their pressie) then their age.  Actually the older they get the more most people appreciate me not remembering exact ages.  ::Smile::

At any rate, my brother “C” informed me that he has the plans to come see us pretty much down pat.  He’ll be up here August 8-13.  At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, since I am having the last two of my wisdom teeth out on the 6th – but now I’ve just accepted it.  He is planning on leaving us to sight see during the days and hang out at night.  That’s also fine with me.  I’ll eat my mush behind closed doors! 

I think having my teeth out will be slightly less traumatic this time around only because we know what to expect, and will be prepared.  (I am still not looking forward to it though!)  Plus, my brother showing up two days after my teeth are out means I’ll be able to drink through a straw and will be past the worst of the pain.  At any rate, it should be fun to see him.  If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you should know who Percy Weasley is.  My brother reminds me of Percy a lot.  Arrogant, thinks he is the only person who has responsibilities, the world simply CANNOT exist without him..  But he is my brother, and I love him no matter what.

And now, to get this crazy day started.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Aw, that sucks for you and your Master sweetie; as an IT guy myself I’ve been in similar situations so I feel your pain. Of course logistically it makes sense; doing the upgrade during business hours would totally throw everything out of wack and into chaos and cause more work for everybody. Still, it sometimes feels like we get the raw end of the deal having to work around people’s schedules *hug* Well, at least he’ll get an extra day off and with luck everything will run smoothly and it will get done as soon as possible.

    1. Yeah I totally understand. Well part of me does, but expecting them to work straight for almost two days? That part is where I am lost a bit. I’ve never had a job require that, or seen Master have to pull anything like that. Oh well. What’re ya going to do? lol. At least they’re buying them dinner. >.<

  2. The treatment Master is recieving at work sounds absolutely shithouse I’m sorry. Kind of reminds me of the heinous time all Australians will know as when WorkChoices exists- picture taking workers’ (any workers whatsoever) rights and flipping them the bird over and over and that’s WorkChoices in a nutshell. I hope these ‘issues’ don’t arise again because 48 is is a bit steep- I should know, I barely survived 33 once.
    Hahaha, it’s winter on my side of the world right now and I’ve been basically living in my flanellette jammies! Hehehe- we don’t have white winters though which kinda sucks 🙁

    xx MM

    1. Hey MM.

      Oh, finally someone who agrees with me that he shouldn’t have to do something like this. I really think 2 days is just too much for anyone. They are thinking he will have to work full time through the weekend too. When in the hell is he going to catch up on sleep? Oh well. I have NO CLUE when he will be home today, but I’ve got his bed turned down waiting for him when he arrives. I am sure he will just want to crash. (I would).

      Ooh, I love winter. I will so trade you, snow or no snow! Mew 😉

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